Partner Accuses TVS-E of Malpractice; Company Clarifies

Partner Accuses

Chennai, Nov 13: TVS Electronics (TVS-E), a manufacturer and distributor of IT products, has assured resellers that the company would act in a fair manner and not undercut rates to put its partners in any sort of inconvenience.

The assurance came after Channel Times approached the company with a specific complaint brought up by a reseller from Kumbakonam. The partner, Sujay K. Vijayan had sent an email suggesting that TVS-E was getting its service partners to double up with sales and was also selling products at rates lower than what the partners would.

The partner claimed that he faced these problems while executing an order for printers at a college in his area some time ago.

When Channel Times escalated the matter to TVS-E, the company’s country manager (channel sales) Jose Anthoy said, “In this particular case, the authorized service partner was initially our authorized dealer partner as well and thus had some old customers continuing to do business with him.”

Earlier, in an e-mail to this correspondent, the complainant said he had been loyal to the TVS-E brand for long but if sales and service partners start chasing the same order, the latter has an edge as buyers believe that they will get better value by buying from the service partner who assures service.

Sometimes this leads to a confusion that the service partner may not respond properly in after-sales support if the customer buys from a sales partner. He also said that this issue has been pending for a long time and sought this publication’s help in ensuring a speedy redress.

On his part, Anthony reiterated that since the matter concerned customer relations, the company could not get directly involved. “Otherwise, TVS-E does give support pricing to the end user from time to time. We do also extend this to customers through authorized channel partners who bring such cases to our notice and shares with us the customer details & support required.

“In this regard we have already communicated to partner that we would indeed support him also in all such cases,” Jose said adding that the the assumption and reason of a TVS-E’s ASP selling at any price is not substantiated.

“We would like to take this opportunity to assure that TVS-E as a company operates in all fairness that has always been our hallmark. We would be only too glad to work closely with all partners in a mutually beneficially and profitable relationship,” he concluded.

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