I Come to Build Relationships


__fc What is your purpose in visiting Computex every year?fc__b____newline____b Gurjar:b__I don�t come to Computex essentially to get into new business ventures. I
have already established relationships with all my
vendors. The only reason I come to Taipei is to maintain these
relationships and build on them.
__fc How did you like Computex this year?fc__b____newline____b Gurjar:b__It was good. There were a lot of new technology on display but the main
buyers from Europe and the US were fewer in number.
__fc Is it true that the products Maxtone distributes, mainly HIS and Maxforce range of products, are however, not manufactured in Taiwan?fc__b____newline____b Gurjar:b__Yes, it is all done in China. This is mainly because the vendors, HIS and
Maxforce, both Hong Kong-based, find the labor and the quality of production high in China. In China, manual testing is done on
products while in Taiwan it is random testing. In
random testing, a group of products are taken at random and tested. This
becomes very unreliable.
__fc What are your plans for your upcoming brand, HIS-Maxforce? Have you started promoting it at Computex?fc__b____newline____b Gurjar:b__No, the product will take time to come out in the market. It will, most
probably, be launched by the end of June at both the
metros, Mumbai and Bangalore.
__fc With the ATI chipset coming in with the new motherboard, what are your expectations?fc__b____newline____b Gurjar:b__The motherboard will pick up in India as the market is price sensitive and the
motherboard is cheaper than Intel, though expensive compared to Via.
__fc Now, that you have been given the additional responsibility of handling South Asia, will that affect your functions in India?fc__b____newline____b Gurjar:b__Basically it will be Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. I have not still planned
out the marketing plan for this area. It will not be a problem as I have a
well-established dealer network in place in India. Therefore, taking on an
additional function will not be a problem.

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