MaStar Enters Indian Market With High Ambitions

High Ambitions
Samg Wang
CEO, MaStar

With the growth in the usage of digital devices, there has been a growth of the data storage devices. Even though there are plenty of players in the market, there is enough space for others to keep their foot too and Taiwan based memory player MaStar recently forayed into India.

Armed with the idea of being durable and performing excellently under extreme conditions, MaStar has some big plans despite being a late entrant into the market. In an exclusive interview with Channel Times, Sam Wang, CEO, MaStar electronics, reveals his vision for Indian market.

Excerpts from the interview:

Channel Times (CT): What has MaStar specialized in? What is your position in global scenario?

Sam Wang (Wang): MaStar specializes in data storage devices, mainly in personal portable devices. Among global brands, MaStar is positioned by offering sophisticated and essential products at an affordable price, especially young consumers. Also, we pay attention to the business opportunities of entry-level smartphones. Our trademark advertisement is designed with extreme sports, to emphasize that our products are durable and are able to maintain an excellent performance even in extreme conditions.

CT: What will you be focusing at in the Indian market?

Wang: India is a market with strong growing power in every segment. The annual growth rate of low-cost mobile phones in India is placed first in the world. In MaStar we strive to deeply understand this market; and that is why we have firstly focused on microSD cards based on 4 indispensable factors: excellent quality, high-speed transfers, a young brand and affordable prices. These are our main focuses.

CT: What will be your Go-To-Market strategy in India?

Wang: We focus on what the market is most interested in, target young consumers, and provide the most cost-efficient memory products. With our effective distribution and promotion channels through our local agents, our products can reach customers more closely, allowing them to experience our excellent quality and outstanding efficacy. Moreover, we offer USB and USB OTG flash drives specifically targeted to meet the demands of the Indian market.

CT: Please explain your distribution structure plan? How many distributors, sub-distributors and end-resellers you are planning to focus?

Wang: In India we plan to have 4 level of distribution. Each level is divided in another 4 levels. It consists of 4 agents, 16 distributors, and 64 sub-distributors.

CT: Amongst four, which part of India do you want to strengthen your market share?

Wang: Our distributors are now mainly in the north region, which still needs to be boosted. The west region will be our next target, and then the south and east regions.

CT: Has MaStar appointed a personnel in India or a representative office?

Wang: Currently we have a native Indian employee working there. From time to time he attends meetings at the headquarters in Taiwan in order to bring new information to our team and allow they key people in the company to grasp the trends in India. This helps the company to engage in the market to create strategies to expand the business there. In the next year, we plan to cooperate with our agents to set up prompt after-sale service centers in Delhi.

CT: Please let us know about your after-sales support?

Wang: We provide after-sales product replacement service for our products through our agents. All series come with lifetime warranty. Customers in India are the most concerned about the quality, therefore, we have the strictest quality control to meet their demands.

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