NativeSOC Aims To Expand Across APAC Through Master Security Delivery Partners

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With the rise of technology and the internet, cyber-attacks have become more sophisticated and frequent, making it crucial for companies to have a dedicated team and infrastructure to monitor and respond to such threats. SOC plays a vital role in ensuring the security of a company’s data and systems by continuously monitoring, analyzing, and responding to security incidents. Leading Indian cybersecurity player NativeSOC is aiming to detect and mitigate security breaches, reduce the risk of data loss, and maintain compliance with data privacy laws and regulations. The company is all set to expand its base across India, SAARC and APAC region as well. Having a cyber security veteran Biswajit Sutradhar on board as Director of Sales and Alliances, the organization is vigorous in its expansion plans through the channel.  Biswajit Sutradhar and Srijan Nandi (Co-Founder and Technical Director) speak on their expansion plans in the market specially for the SMEs. 

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Earlier many SMEs were not willing to invest in cyber security. What are the reasons the SMEs have started considering cyber security investments seriously?

SMEs are subject to various Regulatory & Compliances requirements related to their business needs and customer needs. Complying with these regulations is crucial for SMEs to avoid legal issues, financial penalties, and reputational damage. A combination of external factors, regulatory pressures, financial risks, and increased awareness has prompted SMEs to take cybersecurity investments more seriously.

It is always said that cost is the major factor for small enterprises to invest in protecting their solutions. How affordable are your solutions so that everyone can go buy them?

We at NativeSOC have designed our offering in such a way that the customer can choose any of the models as per their financial budget – capex or opex. We have an On-Prem and On-Cloud version to match customer’s option.

What are the key USPs of your products compared to other cyber security solutions?

A next-gen all-in-one on-prem & cloud security platform that has a SIEM, XDR, HIDS, FIM, VA and XOAR, in-built into a single, cohesive system. It provides end-to-end security analysis, intrusion detection, log data analysis, incident response, regulatory compliance, cloud and container security, and more. It combines data from multiple sources and provides Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), User & Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA), and also does Network Traffic Analysis (NTA). 

A feature-packed, Vendor Agnostic, Enterprise ready SOC Platform built with Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and more importantly human intelligence. NativeSOC focuses on host-based intrusion detection, which means it analyzes data from endpoints to identify potential threats and mitigates the risk factors by giving advance reports.

How are you planning to expand in the partner arena? Your supply chain so far is going directly to the channel partner. How good is your credit mechanism?

Our NativeSOC team will expand the partner base by upgrading the partner skill set. Our Security Delivery Program – SSDP, ASDP and MSDP aims at enhancing the Partner eco-system.

Our Partner Expansion Strategy:

  • NativeSOC will collaborate with resellers, distributors, integrators, or technology partners, considering their geographical locations and target markets.
  • We have a structured channel partner program that outlines the benefits, incentives, and support provided to partners.
  • We have already launched our training and certification programs to educate partners about our products and services, ensuring they have the knowledge to effectively represent our offerings.
  • We also provide marketing collateral, co-marketing opportunities, and lead generation support to help partners promote our products and services.
  • We equip partners with the necessary sales tools and resources to effectively sell our offerings. This includes sales training, access to product information, and sales support.
  • We have a user-friendly partner portal where partners can access resources, register deals, and track their progress in real-time.

Today’s major challenge for enterprises and channel partners is the post-sale support system. How evolved is your back-end team that addresses the issues swiftly?

We have a dedicated team of Security Analysts working 24×7 to provide in-depth assistance with product or service-related technical issues. With well-defined Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) our SOC Analyst can address customer inquiries and issues promptly. We have a clear Escalation Matrix to handle complex or critical issues that may require specialized attention.

Real-time analytics and alerts are key aspects that are needed today. How is NativeSOC equipped in such aspects?

We collect and correlate data from various sources across an organization’s IT infrastructure, such as logs, network traffic, and security devices. NativeSOC uses rule-based and behavior-based analysis to identify patterns and anomalies that may indicate security incidents. When a potential threat is detected, NativeSOC systems generate alerts in real time.

  • Host-based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS): NativeSOC runs at a host level, combining anomaly and signature-based technologies to detect intrusions or software misuse. It can also be used to monitor user activities, assess system configuration, and detect vulnerabilities. We provide a rule-based approach to create descriptions of malware families based on regular expression, textual, or binary patterns.
  • Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) Tools: An integrated SOAR Platform to automate incident response processes. We can orchestrate actions in response to alerts, helping our teams streamline their workflows and respond to threats more efficiently.
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI): NativeSOC incorporates machine learning and AI algorithms to enhance our threat detection capabilities. These technologies can analyze large volumes of data in real time to identify unusual patterns or behavior indicative of cyber threats.
  • Customized Alerting Rules: NativeSOC creates customized alerting rules based on the Customer’s specific security needs and threat landscape. These rules ensure that NativeSOC is alerted to events that are most relevant to their environment.
  • Dashboard and Visualization Tools: Real-time dashboards and visualization tools provide NativeSOC analysts with a visual representation of the customer’s security posture. This allows them to monitor security events and alerts in real time and prioritize their responses effectively.
  • Incident Response Playbooks: NativeSOC has incident response playbooks that outline predefined actions to be taken when specific types of alerts are triggered. This streamlines response efforts and ensures consistency in handling incidents.
  • Round-the-Clock Monitoring: NativeSOC operates 24/7 to provide continuous monitoring and alerting. Security analysts work in shifts to ensure that potential threats are addressed promptly, regardless of the time of day. Real-time analytics and alerts are essential for early threat detection and rapid response. A well-equipped SOC with the right technologies, processes, and skilled personnel can effectively monitor and respond to security events in real-time, minimizing the impact of cyber threats on an organization’s security posture.

What are your expansion plans and GTM?

As NativeSOC,  GTM we would like to create more service partners through the Security Delivery Partner Program for India & SAARC Market. Our Key Objective is to enhance a Partner’s skill-set and activate their Customers through the SOC Enrolment Program. We have our Vertical Focused Features which will be dDemonstrated through Various SOC Labs driven by MSDPs.

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