Targeted Attacks On Critical Industries Speeding Up In India

Speeding Up In India
Sridhar Namachivayan
Regional Director – India & SAARC, Skybox Security

The increasing adoption of automation and the Internet of Things [IoT] has put the industrial security at stake. While the industries are focused on achieving a higher level of business agility, they somewhere ignore the crucial aspect of security.

Considering the increasing targeted attacks of Critical Infrastructure Industries (CIIs), it is time to provide the visibility to the critical components of IT and OT infrastructures. It is important for CISOs, vendors and partners to understand that their role is now not restricted to just approve a check-the-box compliance report and a greater level of collaboration is needed to lay the foundation of a holistic security for industries. NCIIPC is taking crucial steps by outlining the standard regulations for industrial security, as there is a greater scope for improvement in this space.

In an exclusive interaction, Sridhar Namachivayan, Regional Director – India & SAARC, Skybox Security, gives crucial insights about the current state of industrial security in India, the channel engagement of Skybox Security in the country and the company’s key solution offerings. [Read the full story here]

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