We acknowledge the importance of ISVs in propelling cloud acceptance and further enhancing the customer experience” says Oracle’s Vivek Gupta

ISVs are one of the most important propellers contributing towards the digitization journey in India. In a conversation with Vivek Gupta, Senior Director and Country Head, Oracle IaaS and PaaS Services, Oracle India, he shares how Oracle is supporting the innovation journey of these ISVs. He also talks about the leading ISVs leveraging Oracle.

How are ISVs today contributing towards the digitization journey in India

Organisations that are understanding the value of technology and inculcating the same in their business are able to achieve better customer satisfaction than the ones that are still following traditional practices. In order to achieve business continuity, resilience and scalability, many Indian organisations are moving towards a cloud first world. As per an IDC report, the overall Indian public cloud services market is expected to reach $13.5 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 24% for 2021-26. As more and more businesses seek to make their business reliant on digitizations, ISVs will have an imperative role to play in enhancing their efforts. ISVs with their SaaS offerings will help business achieve their goals faster and focus more on their core offerings to improve innovation.

How is Oracle supporting innovation for these ISVs

Our focus towards ensuring innovation for ISVs is reflected in the dedicated ISV ecosystem team that we have built which closely collaborates with them. The members of this team are advisors to ISVs and support their business goals and help achieve them by technologically enabling them. These ISVs leverage our second generation cloud infrastructure through which they are able to further help their customers achieve better performance, security and cost effectiveness. Oracle cloud also provides enterprise grade SLAs, autonomous data management capabilities, an access to global customer base amongst many other things which are highly beneficial for ISVs. Additionally, our cloud infrastructure offers a platform of public cloud services which is relevant to build and run applications that are scalable, highly available and better performing at low costs. Oracle also offers many go-to-market opportunities for ISVs leading to an accelerated acceptance.

Share some examples of ISVs leveraging Oracle Cloud

There are many ISVs that actively leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to further innovate. One of them is IBSFINtech which is a treasury management platform. With an aim to offer their treasury management solution as a cloud service globally, they migrated their solution InTReaX to OCI. Another example is a health-tech ISV that offers cloud-based Hospital Management System (HMS), Medexpert Software Solutions. With Oracle, they are digitizing a hospital of about 150 beds in under 10 days. Soham ERP is another example which is a pharma-tech ISV offering their cloud-based ERP application suite to the pharma industry by leveraging OCI. They are supporting companies future proof their businesses. We also have Jocata which specialises in anti-money laundering and digital lending solutions for its customers. They are leveraging our second generation cloud infrastructure as the platform and are able to deliver excellent benefits to their users. Wipro is another key example who chose OCI and powered their next-generation Cargo Reservations, Operations, Accounting and Management Information System (CROAMIS) Application suite. Wipro decided to choose OCI for superior performance, high availability, built-in security, and lower cost.

How are ISVs gaining advantage by leveraging Oracle Cloud

We acknowledge the importance of ISVs in propelling cloud acceptance and further enhancing the customer experience, therefore we aim to constantly provide them with all tools and resources possible to achieve their goals. Our universal credits program is an initiative that allows partners and customers to use a variety of cloud services seamlessly and only pay for the services they utilize. Additionally, cloud economics is an important aspect for ISVs and with OCI, they are able to reduce maintenance costs for their applications.

Another key benefit of leveraging OCI is the Oracle Support Rewards which is a unique initiative to help customers reduce their software support spends. Customers earn $0.25 to $0.33 in rewards for every $1 spent on OCI. Another key aspect is that we offer the one of industry’s lowest outbound data transfer cost and because of this Oracle has customers Like Zoom or 8×8. Additionally, Oracle’s cloud makes it easier to migrate critical enterprise workloads and its autonomous services automatically secures, tunes, and scales applications.

How can Oracle help ISVs increase their sales, reach new markets and find new customers

We allow ISVs to begin their GTM with Modern OPN and by enrolling in cloud build track which allows them to attain expertise. They are also able to gain access to Oracle GTM benefits. Additionally, we also offer Oracle Cloud Marketplace where ISVs can list their applications and reach over 420,000 customers and tens of thousands of Oracle sales people. We have also witnessed our ISVs marketing their company to many customers, partners and Oracle employees worldwide on OPN Partner Finder. In addition to that, ISVs are allowed to showcase expertise via Oracle Cloud badges which ultimately helps customers recognize the partner’s support for Oracle Cloud. We also offer Oracle Digital Marketing Center which is a platform suite of integrated digital marketing applications helping enhance Go-to-Market strategy.



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