“We are looking to sign more partners”

Jan-Jaap Jager
General Manager, Parallels

India is one of the most significant markets for Parallels, and to support the industry, we work with enterprise distributors such as Sion Technologies & Teqdis Limited, in addition to a growing network of resellers and more partners. We have had encouraging results and are looking forward to a significant growth ahead.

To support the growth of the industry and the demand for cloud-based services in India, Parallels has established a sales and user support presence in India. Its APAC headquarters is based in Singapore and maintains sales throughout the APAC region to support continued growth.

Are you planning to incorporate some parts of it in India?

We are definitely planning on signing new partners that are telcos, VARs, system integrators, and other MSPs that would like to be able to easily and profitably offer cloud computing services. Of course we will leverage our existing channels as well.

To support the growth of the cloud-based industry, Parallels is ready with flexibility and resource-efficient solutions, active ecosystems and strong partnerships to build efficient services clouds. To further give a boost to the industry, Parallels has invested significantly in SaaS to enable independent software vendors and service providers the tools to build applications built on industry standards.

What are your plans for expanding in India?

Parallels is actively expanding its cloud computing services. Parallels’ operations automation offers a SaaS solution that has been right- sized for Cloud Services Providers targeting small/medium businesses. As an example, Open-Xchange’s email and collaboration software has been integrated with Parallels’ Operations Automation platform to deliver a cost-effective, business-class option to commercial email and collaboration products at a highly competitive price.

With the SaaS model, end-user customers subscribe to the application instead of purchasing them on a monthly basis. With this pay-as-you go model, customers have access to a valuable and flexible cost-effective service, which frees up clients’ resource.

Parallels’ Operations Automation also supports the Application Packaging Standard (APS) allowing customers to instantly launch any APS-certified applications without additional development. Visit for more info.

What are the skill sets you are looking at while hiring a channel partner?

Partners which are cloud services providers, hosts, managed service providers, telcos, ISPs and ISVs are leading the industry trend and providing hosted services like Exchange, sharepoint, CRM, etc to SMBs in a cloud model, with capabilities that were historically only available to Enterprises.  These are the categories of partners-not hires-which are important partners for Parallels to jointly developing the cloud computing industry in India.

To cite a European example, Network Group Europe was servicing large numbers of Hosted Exchange and SharePoint services when it first approached Parallels. Due to market pressures and competition, the company had identified that it needed to scale to support a higher volume of transactions if it was to stay profitable. To make this possible they needed a solution that could empower white label resellers, as its primary sales channel, with the ability to service an even greater number of smaller hosting companies who typically deliver value-add services on top of Hosted Exchange, such as on-site management and integration.

What are the investments the channel partner will be required to make?

Continuing with the Network Group example, Automation will be key. From a market perspective, Network Group Europe is using Parallels Automation technology to balance a fine tuned approach to giving IT resellers the best possible technology to ‘grow with the cloud’ from the start. Wrapped inside a considerably more lucrative market proposition, Parallels also allows Network Group Europe systems integrators (SIs) and value added resellers (VARs) a speedy entry-to-market option that gives them the fastest route to customers who trust them to deliver the most flexible packages at the best price points.

What are the investments Parallels will make for the channel partner?

Parallels is committed to offering the best solutions and experience to our users, through our partners and network. Our partners are characterised by experienced and certified professionals in business development, as well as great customer support in the technical areas, including skills in virtualisation. This greatly assures our customers and enables them to see Parallels unique solutions positioning and product differentiation. In addition, to ensure that our partner network is constantly refreshed, Parallels has in place a support structure for regular updates on product improvements, lead referrals, go-to-market strategies, and key training sessions.

Why is Parallels expanding the base now?

The APAC region is growing very rapidly and has a lot of potential for cloud computing.  With the largest population and highest growth in Internet users and small SMBs, APAC is the growth market of the future.

Market watchers predict that India and China will be the top two markets for IT spend combined with Japan, this makes Asia by far the number 1 region.  Hosting and cloud services providers in APAC need help in building their cloud offerings and infrastructure/ automation solutions and this is where we can help.

In addition, with the volatility of the global markets experienced in recent times, businesses now need to incorporate and deploy effective and cost-efficient infrastructures; and solutions to these infrastructures are most suitably answered by cloud-models.

Which regions/cities will be the target?

Parallels is focused on India’s industrial expansion by segments, instead of geographical regions within India. This will allow us to serve partners and users who may deploy our services in all regions where they are required.

Our HQ is in Chennai and we’ll soon be expanding to Mumbai but with our mobile support team, we have in place a firm foundation which will ensure the best support for our channels and greater growth in the Indian market.

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