BLACKbox Enhances Channel Outreach; Focus On Enabling Partners Fight Data Leakage

-Press Release

Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd has launched a certification BCSP (BLACKbox Certified Security Professional) for its solution partners. The team has traveled across many cities to reach out to its regional patterns in the Tier1 cities and train them to use its Blackbox product.

“We are launching our BCSP (BLACKbox Certified Security Professional) for the solution partner at the different levels we are expecting to touch over 100 Professionals to be certified on level 1 across India from major T1 City,” said Bishwajit Sutradhar, VP – Channel Sales, Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd.

BLACKbox, specifically created for SMEs to help them achieve Data Loss, Leakage and Theft prevention objectives by Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd. It helps SMEs to maintain business continuity against data loss. It protects SMEs to guard their competitive position or avoid liabilities due to data leakage or theft. BLACKbox helps SMEs to prevent data loss in event of accidental or intentional deletion, ransomware attack, and disaster.

BLACKbox helps SMEs to protect their data from theft over USB ports, Email Attachments, Blind Carbon Copy, and Cloud Storage Drives. BLACKbox keeps up with current threats and constantly matured against new threats, specific modus operandi, identifies theft attempts, data exfiltration attempts by internal employees.

“BLACKbox, one of its unique offerings for a Solution Partner towards his customer to achieve business continuation, aims with a value for money proposition with the very nominal recurring cost for Customer. This gives a very good value proposition Business for a Solution Partner,” said Bishwajit Sutradhar.

As per Synersoft Q1 objective, it has achieved strengthening its regional partner ECO Systems. Its principal focus was to enhance the skill set of solution-focused partners on BLACKbox position & utilization towards customer environment.

“We have very exciting partner process business ecosystems where we have solution partner, strategic partner & gold partner which is supported by our regional BLACKbox VAD which supports the SI to achieve his business goal and quick turnaround time for delivery and installation support,” said Bishwajith. He also added that not just the channel partners who have a focus on security, the partners who do not have a security portfolios can also start easily work with our products.

BLACKbox Certified Security Professional (BCSP) program for partners is launched to empower the partners and their teams. As we see it happening with existing partners with BCSP resources, they are able to pitch the solution in the most consultative manner, implement the solution and maintain the solution. We welcome more and more system integrators to participate and benefit, says Vishal Shah, Co-Founder, and CEO at Synersoft Technologies.

It also has plans to add a few more major Indian cities to this certification. It plans to gear up to step in to focus on poor neighboring SAARC countries to host our BLACKbox Flag.

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