Intel Security Program Aims At Improving Partner Profitability


-CT News Bureau

Mumbai,July 10: Intel Security today announced its second phase of advancements to the Intel Security Partner Program to improve profitability and efficiency for distributors and resellers. The first phase of the rollout was announced in October 2014 to create a flexible framework for future enhancements to the program, as distributors and resellers evolve their business models and adapt to the changing customer landscape.

The second phase of the Intel Security Partner Program initiative seeks to innovate and invest in driving differentiation and profitability. Improvements initiated with the second phase include:

· Removal of Tiered Pricing: Eliminating tiered pricing allows Intel Security to reallocate funds to more profitable offerings that improve retained margin
· Improved Deal Registration: Rewards members based upon their Intel Security Partner Program level, by limiting deal registration to one partner per each approved partner-found sales opportunity. This also simplifies the Deal Registration process by consolidating to one registration form.
· New Teaming Plan: Investment in resellers that have committed to building an Intel Security practice and are engaged in adding value to Intel Security found deals. The plan is intended to increase profitability and deal protection for the partner, streamlining the approval process.
· Improved Incumbency Advantage: Provides additional incentives based on the program level by increasing the discount for resellers as the partner level rises, and automatically rewarding resellers for renewals
· Partner level name changes: New Platinum, Gold and Silver partnership levels reflect industry standard terms for classifying tiered offerings

“Our goal is to be the number-one security partner for our customers, and to reach this goal we need to provide flexible and profitable programs that will sustain as customer needs and partner business models evolve,” said Lisa Matherly, head of Worldwide Partner Programs, Marketing and Operations, Intel Security. “Together, we have the opportunity to redefine the industry and provide better security outcomes for our mutual customers.”

Intel Security has also rolled out its new sales and partner rules of engagement to improve satisfaction and brand loyalty for its distributors and resellers.

The series of enhancements are part of an 18 month multi-phased evolution program intended to simplify the Program, provide additional revenue streams like support and services, and increase profitability. The final phase of enhancements will launch in January 2016 and will be centered upon reducing the cost of doing business with Intel Security, thereby providing higher net margins for Intel Security distributors and resellers.

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