Trend Micro Launches Partner Program for ‘Born-in-the-Cloud’ Service Providers

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-CT News Bureau

New Delhi, August 13 – To further facilitate the delivery of security with a broad range of IT services, Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in security software and solutions, today launched the Trend Micro Partner Program for Cloud Service Providers (CSP). The new program enables partners with consumption-based pricing, to take advantage of Trend Micro’s market-leading Deep Security solution, that is integrated with cloud offerings from AWS, Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud Air, IBM Cloud, or a CSP’s own public cloud.

“This program enables partners to more quickly and fully capitalize on the growing demand for cloud security with pricing that supports the ‘instant-on’ nature of the cloud, and a broad range of business models,” said Partha Panda, vice president, global channels and strategic alliances, Trend Micro.

“Regardless of which cloud their customers are using, Trend Micro provides CSPs with comprehensive security as part of the provider’s stack in an integrated sales motion that is easy to deploy, manage and bill, ensuring the right policies are automatically applied to each instance the moment it’s activated.”

Trend Micro enables CSP partners, including Aquilent, Cloudnexa, Dedalus, Nordcloud, and Smartronix, to address essential security and compliance requirements for customers adopting the cloud, while expanding the scope of their services revenue to strengthen their bottom line.1 The program focuses on the Trend Micro Deep Security solution which complements and extends the security available through public cloud offerings.

Additional benefits of the program include competitive financial and technical advantages to help partners grow their business.

“Together, we deliver on a shared responsibility security model – Microsoft provides a secure infrastructure, and Trend Micro protects the data that is put on the cloud,” said Nicole Herskowitz, Senior Director Product Marketing, Microsoft Azure.

“Trend Micro is a Microsoft Cloud OS Network Partner, and their Deep Security solution is seamlessly integrated through APIs, so security is transparent to our clients. For Cloud Service Providers, this means that they can add security to their service offerings, which increases their business opportunities, while meeting the security needs of their Azure clients.”

Providers will have access to certification and product training through the Trend Micro partner program, in addition to 24×7 priority support. Participants will also be equipped with sales and marketing programs, as well as educational and support resources, including a sales library of product data sheets, customizable customer presentations, success stories and videos, through the Trend Micro Partner Portal.

“The shared responsibility security model in the cloud leaves customers responsible for protecting their data, applications and operating systems,” said Kevin Rhone, senior partnering consultant at ESG.

“Security, as a result, should become an integral part of every CSP’s portfolio. The benefits of the Trend Micro Partner Program for Cloud Service Providers make it easy for CSPs to seamlessly deliver security as a value-add to their service offerings. They should seize this opportunity.”

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