ASIRT: Giving New Directions To SI Business

At a time when the system integration business was prospering, the evolving segment of the channel was going through several difficulties. Seventeen SIs and Retailers decided to provide a platform for the SI community to unite and work towards the betterment of business. Mumbai based Association of System Integrators & Retailers in Technology (ASIRT), founded in 2012 with a vision to enhance collaboration among SIs and help them grow, has today emerged as the most active and vocal IT association in the country.

Inclusive Growth of SIs

ASIRT understands the challenges faced by the SI community and is committed to help them to reach higher goals by expanding business boundaries. ASIRT has rolled out several unique initiatives to make its members capable to face competition in the market by continuously upgrading their skills. ASIRT has developed an “Evolve Tool” which teaches basic but extremely powerful computing techniques to its members which is proving beneficial for thousands of IT business owners to streamline their business.

ASIRT Tech day is a forum that keeps members updated and upgraded with latest technologies & trends. The association also organizes Tech Edge day every quarter to help members and their employees by imparting soft skill workshops and technical know-how on latest technologies & trends.

ASIRT Consortiums are another mutual business and knowledge sharing platform, has been doing whopping amount of business transacted Month to Month. Apart from that ASIRT has a member support team able to solve long pending issues between members and vendors, amicably in the time bound frame.

Last but not the least, its online portal MumbaiITstreet is the platform where customers can find ASIRT partners with required competencies in the area around them.

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Success Stories

One of the biggest achievements was ASIRT representing to the government, relenting and agreeing to keep assembled computers out of the ambit of DeITy Compulsory Registration Order at BIS/BEE for 2 years. This is why system builders are still able to assemble and sell computers without getting them tested at government labs and getting approvals.

ASIRT has taken a strong stand against the predatory pricing policies of E-commerce portals. ASIRT banners and standees at retailer members have successfully helped its members to convert footfalls to orders despite the unethical predatory practice of online retail.

Future Roadmap

ASIRT is committed to work towards ensuring a healthy and profitable state for the SI community. ASIRT has initiated unique Inter City Tie up program for their members to enable them to collaborate and partner with other city partners, expanding the horizon of their presence across India by taking active support from other association members and IT Partners.

ASIRT is also working on promoting and partnering with various Government Departments for Digital India initiative. ASIRT is also developing a mobile app which aims to help its members in building business ties. Due to its continuous and dedicated efforts, ASIRT has earned respect among vendors, distributors and channel partners.

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