CenturyLink Enhances Programs For Alliances and Strategic Partnerships

Alliances and Strategic Partnerships

Bengaluru: Communications and IT services provider CenturyLink has announced to its channel partners that it is expanding its Alliance programs to serve their enterprise customers with advanced communications and IT solutions. Each program is tailored to meet the specific support and enablement needs of its members, the company said.

CenturyLink announced these new programs at its annual Alliance event, Ascend, during which the company hosted close to 1,000 Alliance members.

“The technology marketplace is rapidly evolving, and CenturyLink is committed to investing in opportunities that bring innovative solutions to global enterprise customers,” said Dean Douglas, CenturyLink president, enterprise.

“Our enhanced Alliance programs reward and recognize companies that are enabling customers to connect to the power of the digital world,” he added.

Alongside the traditional Channel Alliance, CenturyLink now offers Software Alliance, Systems Integrator Alliance and Strategic Partner Alliance programs which includes:
• Channel Alliance which will serve as an independent sales agents or brokers who recommend CenturyLink services and solutions to their customers. New program tiers, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond, offer a clear path to ascend to the next level.
• Software Alliance consists of software companies who partner with CenturyLink to build, integrate, deploy, maintain and sell co-created solutions.
• Systems Integrator Alliance has partners who specialize in configuring and implementing services from CenturyLink and other vendors to build complete solutions for customers.
• Strategic Partner Alliance includes technology partners that leverage their company’s solutions, brands, industry positioning and sales channels to provide next-generation communications solutions for customers.

“We are transforming the way we meet and exceed the needs of our customers through our Alliance programs,” said Bill Corbin, CenturyLink senior vice president, Alliances and Strategic Partnerships.
“By tailoring our Alliance programs for software, strategic and system integrators, we are building stronger, long-term relationships with our trusted partners,” he added.

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