Criteo Launches Global Partnership Program for Channel Partners

Retargeting ad company  Criteo has launched, Criteo Partner, a global partnership program dedicated to helping channel partners better utilize the Company’s advertising platform, which is built on top of its extensive shopper data, to grow and expand their customer base.

Today, Criteo’s technology solutions power ad campaigns for over 20,000 advertisers worldwide, with a Shopper Graph providing insight into two billion monthly active users. Through Criteo Partners, agencies are now enabled with the strategy and service expertise to activate Criteo’s data and solutions to grow agency business, boost recognition and drive additional value to their clients.

“Criteo Partners changes the way we work with agencies. Through this program, we are empowering agencies with the tools and resources to facilitate success and growth alongside us,” says Thomas Jeanjean, Chief Transformation Officer at Criteo. “As part of our transformation, we see great value in the opportunity for agencies to provide us with feedback and input to directly influence the evolution of our product roadmap.”

Criteo Partners will receive several benefits including:

Training and Certification Access: Through Criteo’s Advertising Academy, teams are enabled to more effectively sell, manage and measure campaigns. Practical learning courses enhance agency knowledge on how to harness the data across Criteo’s two billion monthly active shoppers.

Added Visibility to Grow New Customers: All partners earn a badge status to gain recognition in Criteo’s preferred global partner listing.

Ongoing Support: Criteo Partners will have designated internal experts each step of the way ranging from access to product sales expertise and maintaining solid customer relationships that drive incremental value and new revenue opportunities.

Access to Rewards and Resources: With promotional offers, case studies, research materials and unique insights that are built to support their success goals as an agency, Criteo Partners will have the opportunity to plan ahead to attract and retain new customers.

Criteo Partners was launched in Q4 2019 with a pilot group of 20 agencies across the globe. Since its inception, Criteo has seen increased adoption of its newer, upper-funnel solutions, such as Traffic Generation. The new solution, which moved out of beta in March 2020, enables marketers to influence prospective users in high-intent moments as they research, compare and consider different brands and is the Company’s latest launch demonstrating its shift beyond retargeting.

“Our work with Criteo conversion campaigns has generated great performance for our clients and is a key pillar in our e-commerce offering,” said Raúl Ferrer, General Director of Okisam, a digital agency in Spain. “We are delighted to continue the evolution with consideration campaigns to expand our target and clients’ brand, and we look forward to growing with Criteo Partners.”

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