Eaton gets aggressive for Single phase UPS market

Eaton, UPS

New Delhi, Sept 23: After keeping a low profile in Single Phase Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) market, Eaton India, a power management company, has come out with an aggressive market strategy to enter into this space, which are largely driven by local UPS brands.

The new line of business will also allow Eaton to make its presence felt in highly price sensitive market. The company would intend to attack this single phase UPS market with its newly launched product, Eaton 9145 UPS. With this move,Eaton will head on with Emerson.

Eaton believes the new solution is ideal for the Banking, Insurance, and Small and Medium Enterprises segments. This solution claims to manage stringent climatic conditions up to 45°C and challenging electrical utility predicament in India. Eaton 9145 is a double-conversion online UPS, it comes with an inbuilt over-voltage cut-off device (OVCD) in all 1 – 3 kVA models, protecting UPS and other critical loads.

Talking about its overall positioning Eaton Power Quality’s Sales Director, South Asia Sushil Virmani, said, “Eaton has been having a sizable marketshare in five phase UPS, which are largely fulfilling the power requirement of large enterprises, but with the recent global acquisition of Phoenixtec Power Company and MGE Office Protection Systems, for the single phase UPS, we want to grow our presence with highly reliable product line for SME market.”

The company wants to register 650 percent growth in next five years, including putting investment in channels training and creating more feet on the ground in remote areas. Besides innovative products, Eaton is expected to set up its second experience center in 2014. It is likely to set up this center in Delhi, Bangalore and Puducherry.

When asked will Eaton would have separate channel mix for its single phase UPS, Virmani said, “Presently, we have close to 400 channel partners catering to major metros and A-class cities, with the support of Redingtion and Lipi Data as national distributors. Having said that, we have very thin penetration in tier III and IV cities, so for the same, we might follow dual distributorship.”

Wei Shen, vice president, marketing , Power Quality Division , Electrical Sector – Asia Pacific, said, “We are happy to have delivered a product customized to Indian market. The 9145 strikes the right balance between delivering advanced features in less than 20 kVA range as well as offering unique features unavailable in 1 – 3 kVA range.”

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