ESS Distribution Ceases Distribution Of Eset Offerings In India

ESS Distribution, the national distributor for Eset has reportedly suspended the distribution of Eset products in India. The company has informed its partners, distributors and resellers across India that both retail and enterprise products under Eset brand will not be sold by ESS Distribution or any other companies affiliated with it.

After the suspension of the distribution-ship, all commercial and support inquiries will now to be addressed directly to Eset company. ESS Distribution have been involved in marketing and distributing of Eset products in India since 2007. Over the years, the company have established Eset brand in both consumer and business segments.

The decision comes in connection with restructuring process started by the company in order to achieve better sustainability and profitability of the software distribution business in India.

The company management is now studying various options for restructuring the business given that over a long period of time ESS Distribution have established effective processes and operations, built large and talented team and developed a vast network of dedicated channel partners across the country. Post restructuring, Indian market will remain one of the main focus markets for ESS Distribution.

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