Google To Further Invest In Cloud Partner Program

Cloud Partner Program

Bengaluru: Google took a new step to strengthen its partner program, which includes, simplifying requirements, additional investments and new strategic partnerships and partner incentives.

“Google Cloud partners are essential to our commitment to help enterprises innovate faster, scale smarter and stay secure,” Bertrand Yansouni, VP of Google’s Global Partner Sales and Strategic Alliances, wrote in a blog post. “An open platform encompassing diverse partners maximizes the possible surface of innovation for customers, letting them move more quickly. Partners deliver significant value to our customers, and we’re committed to supporting their success.” [Read the full article here]

Support to partners Includes, sales training and product development credits which will soon span all products, making it easier to train the team and build solutions across all Google Cloud products.

It also includes training and revenue goals to advance in the Google Cloud Partner Program which now encompass G Suite, GCP, Maps, Devices and Education (whereas previous requirements were based on a single product), enabling partners to build their cloud practices and grow their business through multiple product areas.

Google is increasing its investment in many of its existing partner incentive programs, as well as introducing new incentives to support the entire customer lifecycle.

To help Premier Partners grow their teams, Google’s making capital investment available to qualified partners in the form of low interest loans.

The company is expanding how co-funding can be used to accelerate a deal, enabling partners to use funds for early-stage strategy workshops, in addition to building a proof of concept or supporting customer deployments.

In addition to the discounts GCP and G Suite resellers enjoy, Google is expanding its rebates program to include all Premier G Suite and Premier GCP Reselling Partners. The investments and incentives are aimed at driving enterprise adoption of Google Cloud services.

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