HPE’s Pointnext Will Boost Channel Services Opportunities

Services Opportunities

Bengaluru: HPE launched Pointnext – its new services arm that will cover a range of disciplines- from cloud computing to operational services. The Pointnext team which consists of 25,000 specialists in 80 countries covering 30 languages, helps customers harness the power of hybrid IT, real-time data and analytics, and mobile solutions to enhance customer experiences, create and deliver new digital product and services.

With the vendor stepping up its services capability, HPE believes there should be more opportunities for partners to help customers with digital transformation.

These teams collaborate with businesses worldwide to speed their adoption of emerging technologies, including cloud computing and hybrid IT, big data and analytics, the Intelligent Edge and Internet of Things (IoT).

“Pointnext was launched in the US first in March 2 and the second wave is in APAC and today it is launched in India,” said Rajesh Dhar, Senior Director, Pointnext, Hewlett Packard Enterprise India. “We step in to make our customer’s journey simple by offering Hybrid cloud. This gives them the ability to mix their workloads between public cloud and private cloud.”

HPE said that the company’s long-standing commitment to its strategic alliance partners has created a powerful ecosystem with deep business and vertical expertise to build and deliver joint solutions for customers. Beyond HPE’s expertise working with companies like SAP, Microsoft and more, the company looks to a new generation of leading partners such as the Docker container platform, Mesosphere’s orchestration and data automation solution, and Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and SaltStack for configuration management and IT automation.

Pointnext will further leverage this partner ecosystem, as well as combine HPE infrastructure and workload expertise with a broader range of strategic system integrators to create partner opportunities aligned to customers’ needs.

“50-55 percent of the business is driven by the channel. Channel is an integral part of our whole go to market strategy. Different kinds of skillsets are required by the every company to sell different products and solutions which every company cannot have on its own, so partners are imperative to bridge that gap,” said Dhar. “Be it for digitization or virtualization or anything else, our partners are skilled whether they are tier two partners or large system integrators like TCS or Wipro.”

HPE Pointnext Professional Services team taps into the intellectual property and experience of thousands of implementations and deployments to de-risk clients’ digital transformation. Pointnext works with clients’ preferred technologies and IT organizations to move strategic plans and functional designs through production and a series of tactical transitions, from technical design to implementation, build to migration, distribution and finally to operational consulting and service.

“We have a broad customer base for Pointnext. The government as well the private sector are our customers. Afterall, there are smart cities, smart factories, smart networks everywhere,” asserted Dhar.

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