Internet Data Exchange To Transform Real Estate Experience

The development of smart cities and other urban development programs is changing the landscape of cities and towns across the country. With the 1.25 billion population, and the migration which takes from one city to other, coupled with the growth rate of the economy pegged at around 7 per cent annually, the market potential remains gigantic though certain shortfalls continue to plague the sector.

One of the hindrances that the sector faces is the way business is carried out, especially with CRM process. The current model largely depends on agents and brokers and is restricted to a listing of certain properties, or even geographical areas. Even information exchange happens mostly through slower traditional methods. Listings of India is here to revolutionize the real estate experience. With well over 500+ listings already included, and also $1 billion worth of property on the site, buyers and tenants can list out the properties as per price preference, property details, and location attributes. In other words, the broker/ dealer involved can upload and mention the intrinsic attributes of the property which would help buyers make better decision.

“The real estate sector in growing Indian economy has many opportunities and there is ample scope for implementing proven as well as successful technologies from the developed nations here, with careful ingenuous adaptations, to create a win-win smart environment for all stakeholders: buyers, sellers, brokers, agents in the real estate market,” commented Pramod Attarde, CEO and Co-founder of Listings of India, while speaking about the value proposition of the site. He also mentioned that with transparency being a part of the package, the response has been generous from various brokers, who have realized the benefits of the collaborative approach. The expansion is on the move, as more cities get involved in the listed database of Listings of India.

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