IoT, The Next Big Revenue Generator for Resellers: Dell-EMC

Big Revenue Generator

Bengaluru: The Internet of Things (IoT) can bring in huge revenue for channel in 2017, according to Dell EMC’s latest reseller study, which reveals that over 70 percent of resellers, particularly in the SME segment have witnessed their customers’ businesses being influenced by IoT technologies recurrently.

IoT will ride the wave for channel in 2017, with adoption rates surmounting over the span of a year. The survey is carried out amongst UK based resellers.

The survey says that a large amount of revenue is expected from IoT technology in 2017. Over 75 per cent of partners reveal a significant up-liftment in IoT related sales over the past 12 months. Over 60 percent of surveyed respondents shared that IoT revenues had increased by up to 30 per cent in the last financial year.

Retail the fastest adopter

As per the survey, the fastest adopter of IoT is retail which received 35 per cent of nominations, representing the range of IoT technology within that industry as well as the significant potential for profit for channel partners.

Banking and finance followed with 29 per cent and manufacturing came next with 23 per cent. These clearly highlights that IoT’s flexibility and long term profit quotient are key drivers in its adoption across a wide range of vertical markets.

“Resellers are increasingly reporting IoT as an opportunity for extensive business growth and expansion,” said Sarah Shields, vice president and general manager, Channel, Dell EMC UK.

“Rapid adopters in the technology, retail, finance and manufacturing sectors have been able to deploy IoT technology in small-scale applications such as wearable and wireless monitoring devices to access the business benefits.

“The increased popularity of IoT across vertical markets demonstrates the current demand for innovative solutions and the changing face of the modern marketplace. IoT presents endless opportunities and it is extremely exciting to see strong adoption across the board both now and for 2017,” she added.

Why is it trailing

Even though some sectors show great growth areas for resellers, only 11 per cent of respondents stated demand for IoT from the public sector, falling to 10 per cent.Oil, gas and telecommunications sectors being at 7 per cent.

Frequently these sectors are overly distracted since new cutting edge technological adoption is slow due to more regulations and intricacies involved in its implementation. Additional impediment faced by industries such as railways, oil and gas is the requirement for a certified engineer to deploy IoT technologies.

Out of the 71 per cent of resellers who are familiar with this phenomenon, nearly 70 per cent are of the view that this has led to slow deployment of IoT in these areas.

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