Kaspersky Lab Partners With SEA Infonet To Conduct Partner Pitstop

Conduct Partner Pitstop

New Delhi: Cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab partnered with its national B2B distributor SEA Infonet to host a partner pitstop in New Delhi to discuss Kaspersky’s India plans ahead.

Over 26 partners and 50 attendants congregated to discuss in great detail, the plans for the coming financial year. Kaspersky Lab and SEA Infonet have had a very fruitful association in the past three years. Partner pitstops have been integral to Kaspersky’s DNA, ensuring free-wheeling dialogue with all the members of its chain.

Since the customer is at the heart of every product Kaspersky creates, it’s vital for them to hear back from their customers and distributors. Staying closely in touch with the end customers has helped Kaspersky become the intuitive and customer-friendly brand that it has grown to become today.

Tahir Hassan (Regional Sales Manager) and Pratap Mondal (Enterprise Sales Manager) spearheaded the pitstop. They deliberated in detail the company’s non-endpoint offerings. Kaspersky’s Security for Virtualization was elaborately discussed, as it has garnered great interest in the medium-sized companies. Its anti-malware protection, security for VMWare, Citrix, Microsoft and KVM platforms, and powerful yet lightweight security for XenDesktop and Horizon have been its primary strengths.

The experts also discussed security for Storage – that’s fast becoming a must-have for all businesses. Kaspersky received positive response from end customers for this ‘always on’ storage anti-virus protection, which has cloud-assisted security, proactive anti-malware technology and flexible scanning, among other benefits.

Kaspersky Lab’s other enterprise offerings got a dedicated two-way dialogue slot. The roadmap for the coming year was presented to the partners, with all of them being bullish about their growth prospects.

According to Altaf Halde, MD – South Asia, Kaspersky Lab, “Kaspersky Lab has been built, and we always say this, with the unrelenting support it gets from all its partners. Engaging with them is an important step in engaging with our end-customers. Our partner pitstops are so crucial to the fabric of Kaspersky that it’s impossible to go even a quarter without having one.”

“At this one, we focused on our Security for Virtualization and Security for Storage. We had an invigorating discussion and we are all on one page on the year ahead. We are positive of growth, profits, and partner and customer satisfaction,” he added.

Biswajeet Saha, Director – SEA Infonet said, “Our association with Kaspersky is long and mutually valuable. We view these pitstops as very crucial for connection to existing and new resellers, so that we are continuously aware of what the market feedback and demands are.

We also use these to showcase the latest in Kaspersky lab’s security services and training offerings. It’s very encouraging for our partners to hear directly from Kaspersky and SEA Infonet’s top management. The plans for the coming year were discussed and we are all equally bullish and confident of our growth, together.”

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