LG Electronics To Aggressively Promote OLED Tech In India

Aggressively Promote

Mumbai: South Korean multinational electronics company LG Electronics is aggressively promoting its OLED technology in the Indian enterprise space. The company that recently organized the B2B Grand Tech Seminar in Mumbai, showcased its flagship B2B products to its customers and partners.

The products on display during the seminar included the Dual-View Curved Tiling OLED Signage, Wallpaper OLED Signage, the Pro Centric Smart OLED TV for Hotels, the smart LED Outdoor Signage and the Pro Beam Portable Projector.

LG Electronics is primarily known for its consumer durable products but it is also focused on enhancing its footprints in the enterprise space. The company, which forayed into the enterprise business in 2011, majorly offers display and system air conditioner products in the enterprise space. In an exclusive interaction with Channel Times, Hemendu Sinha, Business Head-B2B, LG Electronics India, highlighted the roadmap in the enterprise space.

“LG Electronics B2B is completing six years in a consolidated form in India. Though started bit late, but today we are the leader in certain segments and in certain segments we are very close to the leaders. LG is a display driven company and we are limited to display products and system air conditioning products in India. The market is growing at a very fast pace and our growth is doubling almost every year,” Sinha said.

In India the enterprise business contributes roughly about 10 percent of the overall revenue of LG Electronics. The company reaches out to customers through its hybrid channel model. Sinha also shed light on LG’s channel engagement in the country.

“We work in a hybrid business model which is a unique business model for LG Electronics. We partner with SIs and application providers, where we provide them a platform to create solutions. We also engage with customers as well as customers’ customers. So it works as a two prong strategy where the engagement is at both the levels. We have a good fraternity of partners who are doing business for us and we will add more people as we grow,” Sinha said.

Being at the forefront of OLED development and production, LG Electronics has emerged as the world leader in OLED TV technologies. The technology is designed to offer next generation visual solutions to emerging businesses such as Transport, Retail, Quick Service Restaurants, Sports and other big corporations. The company has been expanding the OLED TV lineup with a number of technological innovations and also positioning the solutions in the Smart Cities projects in India.

“LG’s display products add a lot of value to the content, so our solutions offerings are best fit in various industries. A lot of things are happening in the infrastructure space in India, where the government is spending a lot of money on citizen centric services. We have partnerships with the government on various initiatives and we work in this space through our SI partners,” Sinha said.

The recent launch LG OLED TVs deliver content with both cutting-edge imaging and state-of-the-art sound technologies simultaneously. As each pixel on the display can be individually switched on and off, OLED offers an enhanced picture quality without image degradation, such as light bleed typically found in conventional backlit systems. This results in the highest quality image rendering with the purest black and lifelike colors.

The webOS based solutions come with an inbuilt Wi-Fi, industrial design and conformal coating along with IPS Technology. The solution is available in the entire range and provides a seamless switchover between the external or internal content.

“Today screen is no more a dump device or monitor. It has got PC, storage and OS into it. LG smart screen is a full-fledged solution, which has screened as well as operating system. We have created a fraternity and have signed up with application developers to develop applications on our platform. So when somebody sells LG screens he just don’t sale the screen, but the entire solution along with the screen,” Sinha said.

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