Newsdash To Bring 300 Mn Newspaper Readers On Mobile

Newsdash, a startup by IIIT Hyderabad alumni aims give a digital touch to newspaper reading. The company aims to serve the 300 million newspaper readers in the country by bringing their favorite newspaper directly to their mobile in an easy and effortless way.

“Although there are many news reading apps out there, none of them quite provide the simplicity of the newspaper in consuming the entire day’s news at once with just a few glances across pages. This is the gap in the current news offerings that Newsdash is addressing. We want to allow our users to read all their favorite newspapers on their mobile, offline and for free,” says founder Prahal Ghai.

Android users can download the app for free on the Google play store and simply select which newspapers and newsletters they wish to read. These are then automatically delivered to the users device every day and can be read anywhere as per the users convenience since they are completely offline.

Newsdash is focusing on adding more publishers on the platform and wants to reach all national and regional publications to cater to the overwhelming response and requests from their users. Having launched on Android, the team is also looking at launching an iOS version soon.

“Our current focus is getting more publishers across categories on board. We wish to be the default daily content consumption platform on mobile for Indians,” said Ghai.

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