Samsung Says Sorry To Indian Customers

Indian Customers

Bangalore: When the going gets tough, it is better to apologize and move on. Samsung, which faced worldwide flak over its exploding Galaxy Note 7, has offered a terse apology to Indian customers who pre-booked the smartphone and offered them a choice of between the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the S7 Edge as replacement.

Of course, one might argue that this isn’t good enough, given that the Galaxy Note 7 was possible valued a notch higher by the customers who forked out close to Rs.60,000 in advance payment for the phone while the S7 Edge is priced more than Rs.10,000 lower.

This is what the company’s statement said: “We thank you for your love and passion for Samsung Mobiles and are deeply touched by the support received from you. In lieu of the Galaxy Note7 Pre-book offer, we would like to provide you an exclusive Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge offer.” (Read it here).

Given that production of the Galaxy Note 7 has been completely stopped and there is a strong change that Samsung might completely do away with the Note series, there is little that the paying customer has by way of options here. (Read our earlier report).

Is the Galaxy S7 a replacement for Note 7

The Korean giant had made several offers and replacements or credits to its customers in the United States, South Korea and other geographies including a $100 dollar credit in order to drive customer loyalty in these troubled times. The India offer came much later, given that the Note 7 wasn’t formally released in the country and only a few phones had entered via the grey market.

Sources in the know of affairs claim that the company made the current offer in view of the fact that India has remained a loyal market ever since the launch of the Galaxy series way back in 2007. Even channel partners have been favorably disposed towards the Korean company, claiming that these offers would help retain brand loyalty for future offerings.

In addition to the choice of the Galaxy S7 or the S7 Edge, Samsung is also giving away new Gear VR, and the Level U stereo wireless headset for free to the customers who pre-booked the Note 7.

In addition, the statement says that the company would hand out an Oculus VR content voucher worth approximately Rs.3,500 to the customers who will also receive a one time screen replacement guarantee for 12 months from the date of activation.

The company has asked users in India to visit their retail store or the online portal from where they had pre-booked the Galaxy Note 7 in order to avail of the new offer. It also mentions that those who are not interested in either of the two smartphones promised as replacement can receive a full refund of the pre-booking amount.

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