Schneider Electric Brings iRewards Partner Program With Paytm


Schneider Electric has announced the successful launch of iRewards program in India in association with India’s digital payments leader Paytm. Introduced in 2010, the iRewards is a program spearheaded by APC by Schneider Electric. The globally recognized partner incentive program has been successfully implemented in more than 51 countries across the globe. The flagship program has more than 5000 active users from IT Channel community across the world.

In this fast paced world of instant gratification, it is important for companies to enable easy access and real time incentive management systems. Making this a reality in India, Schneider Electric has partnered with India’s largest digital payments company Paytm. Schneider Electric becomes the first energy management company in India to bring instant gratification at the fingertips of the channel partners.

Sharing his thoughts on the occasion, Venkatraman Swaminathan, Vice President, Secure Power Division, Schneider Electric India, said, “Schneider Electric is invested in innovation in IT Channel Programs. The partner community is a core pillar in business development for Schneider Electric. The community has aided the overall business by bringing in their extensive understanding of local areas to create unique solutions. In addition to this, they have also been the leaders of last mile connectivity for the company. Hence, here at Schneider Electric, we wanted to acknowledge the value they bring to the business through rewards which enforce of commitment on Ease of Doing Business through improved Digital experience.”

Sharing his thoughts on the occasion, Abhishek Arun, Sr. Vice President, Paytm, said, “Paytm has always stood for ease of use and convenience in the world of digital payments. We are happy to partner with Schneider Electric in their iRewards program. With no expiry and the widest acceptance, we aim to provide the flexibility and ease of access to channel partners across India through our gateway.”

The company constantly strives to build the best network for products and the best in class quality technical support to the consumer through their extensive partner network. Hence, commitment to the welfare of the channel partner community is one of the company’s top priorities. With this step, Schneider Electric brings digital innovation into its incentive program in India and aims for further development in the future.

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