Schneider Electric’s APC Helps Channels Multiply Their Business

Channels Multiply Their Business

Schneider Electric’s IT Business Services wing, APC will now be giving options to channel partners, to pick from a variety of service options and couple with solutions for the end customers.

The Service Solutions suite extend to all of Schneider Electric IT Business Service brands, along with some leading brands of 3rd party, worldwide. In other words, channel partners can now just enhance their offerings while they offer solutions to their customers.

Among the most interesting options include a network of factory-certified Field-Service Engineers (FSE), who have advanced knowledge of systems, and their expertise to assess the customers’ computing strength, cooling needs, identify potential problem areas, and suggest improvements accordingly. Since the FSE are experienced candidates who have been trained by vendor company’s product developers, there is lower downtime, shorter repairing timelines, and optimum system performances for the customers based in the channel companies.

In a service based market, service availability is crucial for the portfolio. For most locations, there is the 8-hour response time, and some locations even have the 4-hour response time available. Even the partner service network from APC by Schneider Electric includes the additional 146 service partners, 7 regional services, 9 country service centers, and 49 rapid deployment centers which give faster access to parts.

The other mentionable part of this service framework, is the 24/7 technical support for multiple locations around the world, a whole lot of whom would not mind taking in calls in the local language as well. In all, the partner network of Schneider’s APC, really does extend service in numerous locations around the world, while maintaining higher standards of service.

Some of the better advantages that the channel partners and their customers will have, is that there will be a total solution, which will include everything from system, services, software, all available at a single point of contact. This would even include the factory certified parts, engineering revisions, and firmware upgrades which are otherwise not available from third party sources.

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