Senrysa Technologies Unveils Roadmap for Ambitious Growth

Ambitious Growth

Kolkata, July 1: Senrysa Technologies, a pioneer in ICT & mass banking solution pan India has announced that it has achieved 3-digit growth rate in last 3 years since inception. Since 2011, Senrysa has established itself as one of the most successful implementers of mass ICT projects in India.

Senrysa has presence in many states, the largest base being in eastern and northeastern part of India. Today Senrysa is a chosen technology provider to leading banks in India for implementation of their ambitious financial inclusion projects.

Senrysa is projecting a turnover of Rs.100 Crore for the fiscal 2014-15. With a modest start, the turnover in the last financial year was Rs 7.50 crore. Senrysa has unveiled the roadmap to achieve the ambitious figure and the development plans that have been undertaken.

Kumar Saha, CEO and Managing Director of Senrysa Technologies said, “In India, a large number of people is still without a bank account and the delivery channel is not very effective. We, at Senrysa, want to empower rural India with our ICT based solutions for mass projects. The masses need these services more than the privileged lot, and ability to deliver these to them will chart our ambitious growth.”

Senrysa has the existing network at the grass root level coupling with rural franchisees and is planning to venture into rural e-commerce service to reach out to the masses. Senrysa already has a network of over 3000 rural franchisees providing banking and other services and plans to increase the network up to 5000 by this financial year.

Senrysa’s mass ICT platforms have been successful in delivering a significant level of benefits like MNREGA, IAY, NOAP benefits to the rural population.

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