Taurus Forays Into Security & Surveillance Business

Security & Surveillance Business

Mumbai, April 10: Sensing a chance to capture the market in the disorganized security and surveillance business, Mumbai-based leading system integrator Taurus Computer Systems has forayed into sector.

Speaking with Channel Times, Ravi Bhavnani, CEO, Taurus computer systems said, “We are specializing in connecting microcomputer systems in local and wide area networks, integrating them into customer environments and providing on-going customer support for Windows, Linux, Servers and Peripherals.

“We are having a business partnership agreement with almost all big IT MNCs and Indian companies. Our brand range includes: Lenovo, HP, Intel, AMD, Samsung, Microsoft, Dlink, Seagate, Cisco, Netgear, Canon, Epson, Logitech, ASUS, Quichheal and K7 with client base that includes an impressive list of prestigious institutions, corporate houses, Jewellery Export houses, lawyers and architects.”

“We had moved to a new location and were looking around for a security company to provide us with CCTV Surveillance and biometric attendance systems for our own use. We realized that this sector was completely in disarray and no one knew the complete details of the products.

Another instance occurred at a customer location to whom we have been providing IT support Services for the past 20 years. This client had Security Cameras at his office and realized the image on the DVR Monitor was completely grainy and 2 of his cameras were not working. On discussing this issue we realized that this Sector does not have proper support and the support is provided after 5-6 days unlike the PC support which we provide within 4 hours.”, he said.

Taurus is currently focusing on small and medium business segments which is their competency. “We are very strong in Mumbai and we are recently in talks with Partners to provide support to the western region. We have a team size of 20 Engineers who provide IT support and Networking solutions to our clients all over Mumbai. These Engineers have been trained for Security Solutions and we do have constant updates in these trainings whenever the need arises,” he concluded.

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