Zebra Technologies Launches 2D Scanners In India

Zebra Technologies Corporation today announced the launch of two new two-dimensional (2D) scanners in India. The 3600 Series is Zebra’s new line of 12 ultra-rugged scanners, offering prolonged durability, enhanced scan performance, and unparalleled manageability in demanding industrial environments.

The DS4308-XD, purpose built for electronics manufacturing, captures a variety of barcodes and marks emblazoned on circuit boards and other electronic components, delivering advanced scanning technology to track every component on the production line.

With 2D imagers, companies can “Get More” in one device. Such scanners boast capabilities of reading the whole spectrum of barcodes including 1D traditional printed, 2D traditional printed, GS1 DataBar used in point-of-sale (POS) scanning, high-density barcodes, and all mobile and electronic barcodes.

Wayne Harper, Senior Technical Director, Zebra Technologies, Asia Pacific, said, “Businesses, ranging from retail, healthcare, manufacturing and warehousing, to hospitality, are increasingly dependent on the data embedded in barcodes to keep their operations running and processes flowing. Such data provides the visibility into its assets a company needs, and this intelligence allows businesses to act accordingly to respond to market demand.”

“As 2D barcodes are being used more and more, and multiple barcodes, 1D or 2D, are added to a single label, a trend that calls for versatile barcode scanning technology is gaining momentum. At Zebra, we offer a comprehensive breadth of 2D imagers for our customers’ choosing, and they can deliver unbeatable performance compared to traditional laser scanners and other 2D imagers on the market, allowing companies to get more capabilities and do more business with one device”, he said.

In addition to its versatility, 2D imagers can recognize poorly printed, torn, smudged, shrink wrapped, or damaged barcodes, permit omni-directional scanning which allows data capture from more angles, enhance near-range scanning, and read multiple barcodes in a single trigger pull. 2D imagers also enable various value-added functions, from mobile marketing, loyalty applications, image capture, to optical character recognition, allowing companies to “Do More” business with the data captured.

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