Zyxel Launches Cloud Based Networking Solutions For SMEs & MSPs

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Mumbai: Zyxel Communications, a provider of secure broadband networking, Internet access and connected home products, announced the launch of Nebula, a fully cloud-based network infrastructure solution. The Nebula product line, which includes high-performance wireless access points, security gateways, and managed Gigabit Ethernet switches, will enable organizations to deploy multiple networks and centrally monitor, manage and maintain them via a single, intuitive dashboard.

Ideal for deployment by businesses and organizations with multiple locations across the country or around the world, Nebula enables IT administrators to securely monitor and manage the networks at all of their locations in real-time from a single dashboard, centralizing the IT function and eliminating the requirement for highly-trained IT staff at branch locations.

For resellers and managed service providers (MSPs), Nebula enables them to deploy and centrally manage of multiple networks for multiple customers around the city or even across the country. The ability to monitor and manage networks in real-time from anywhere via a single website can enable resellers and MSPs to establish new service offerings and create new revenue opportunities.

The Nebula Control Center provides real-time visibility and metrics for all of the organization’s Nebula-based networks. Users can monitor and manage real-time metrics including traffic summary, device statuses, location and network usage, enabling the rapid discovery and repair of issues impacting the network.

Using the iOS and Android Nebula Mobile App, Nebula devices can be easily installed and registered using QR codes, enabling them to be automatically discovered through the Cloud. This removes the need for on-site technical expertise when deploying hardware, significantly reducing the costly labor expenses of traditional network deployments.

“Among a wide variety of digital guest amenities that Resort Internet provides to destination resort properties across the country, perhaps the most critical to their guests is providing reliable in-room and property-wide network connectivity,” explained Mark Wentzlaff, President of Resort Internet.

“Zyxel’s new Nebula System is particularly exciting for us because it provides us with an affordable, business-class network infrastructure solution that can be monitored and managed from anywhere we have an Internet browser. This allows us to provide proactive monitoring of the network and gives us near-immediate response time to customer issues regardless of where the property or our team members are physically located across the country”, he added

To introduce its reseller partners to the Nebula product line and Cloud management interface, Zyxel is providing its partners with a free Nebula 802.11ac wireless access point. In India, Zyxel Communications has around 30 regional distributors and resellers.

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