VR Infotech Wins Partner Award At Kaspersky Event

VR Infotech, a national distributor for Kaspersky has won the prestigious ‘Most Outstanding B2C Partner’ award at the 8th Annual Kaspersky Lab APAC Partner Conference held in in Vietnam recently. Kasperky had appointed VR Infotech as its National distributor for all retail products in 2014. Since Kaspersky has rapidly expanded its base in the consumer space. VR Infotech has a strong channel network across the country, and with their expertise in channel business, it works closely to strengthen Kaspersky Lab’s market share in the consumer segment. Altaf Halde, Managing Director...

Business Travelers Are More Vulnerable To Data Thief: Kaspersky

Business travelers are more vulnerable to cyber attacks and their data is more likely to be stolen by cyber criminals, the latest report by security solution provider Kaspersky has revealed. An indiscriminate behavior of senior executives while they are online, is playing into the hands of cybercriminals, the report noted. The study from Kaspersky Lab polled 11,850 people from across Europe, Russia, Latin America, Asia Pacific and the US. It found the pressure from work to get online is clouding the judgment of business travelers when connecting to the Internet. According to...

Over 70,000 Hacked Servers Are On Sale In Black Market: Kaspersky

Kaspersky Lab researchers have exposed a global forum, called as xDedic marketplace, where cybercriminals are trading over 70,000 compromised servers for as little as $6 each. The xDedic marketplace, which appears to be run by a Russian-speaking group, currently lists 70,624 hacked Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) servers for sale. Many of the servers host or provide access to popular consumer websites and services and some have software installed for direct mail, financial accounting and Point-of-Sale (PoS) processing. They can be used to target the owners’ infrastructures or as a launch-pad...

Kaspersky Focuses On Security Specialist Partners To Grow B2B Biz

The global endpoint security solution provider, Kaspersky is investing heavily in the resources to strengthen its enterprise business in India. The Russian anti-virus firm which already has a strong presence in the consumer space, is now building a enterprise partner network specialized in the security domain. “We have identified a set of partners who are specialized in the security space and have started partnering with them. We are offering our flagship products such as Kaspersky endpoint security for business and other solutions and services to enterprise customers in association with...

Think Before Charging Mobile On USB Connected To Internet

Charging smartphones on USB charger connection could put your date at risk, Kaspersky has warned. Kaspersky Lab experts in a proof-of-concept experiment have discovered that devices can be compromised when charged using a standard USB connection connected to a computer. As part of this research, the company’s experts tested a number of smartphones running various versions of Android and iOS operating systems in order to understand what data the device transfers externally while connected to a PC or Mac for charging. The test results indicate that the mobiles reveal a...
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