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Beware: Mobile Trojan Are Getting Sneakier

Cybercriminals always find new and innovative ways to sneak into computing devices. Mobility devices such as smartphones are now on the radar of the cyber crooks who are increasingly targeting the unpatched and unprotected smartphones. Smartphones can store a lot of data and valuable information, which, if fallen into the wrong hands, could make the owners pay a hefty price. Mobile trojan scams are on a rapid swift in recent days, however, despite of growing attacks on smartphones, users rely on free security tools which do not ensure full security...

Consumers Compromise Privacy For Cool New Mobile Apps: Norton

Norton by Symantec released the India findings from the Norton Mobile Survey that sheds light on the security gaps and the privacy risks smartphone and mobile applications (apps) present. It highlights that consumers in India are trading their personal information in exchange for free mobile apps, exposing themselves to privacy risks. The Norton study reveals that two out of three Indians (65 percent) now access the internet more often on a mobile device than on a PC. In fact, the smartphone is often the first and only device used for accessing the...