How Brands Can Engage Partners In IT Investment

It investment

Bengaluru: Brands are looking at maximizing their profits and the best results are reaped when the techniques deployed to garner maximum ROI and visibility, blends well with the message intended to be disseminated to the customers. However, impediment arises with distributed marketing organizations as it becomes difficult for them to gaze the spending with their independent partners. This gives rise to fears for the vendors that the money invested is not creating the desired results.

For a partner-driven company, it is important that the partners communicate to the customers the message the Brand or the company envisions. It is important to design a proper strategy in common consensus with brands and their partners. The strategies should be easily understandable to the partners and should be lucrative to them as well. Here are some strategies to consider:

Sowing right strategy to reap best campaign: 
Brands should offer a wide array of choice to the partners. Different campaigns deliver different results. At the very beginning it is beneficial to have a clear idea of what is intended to accomplish. With clear focus on the goals in mind, it is best to research and choose the type of campaign that best suits the vendor and then build on what it envisions to establish.

There are many brands that spends a lot on OpEx on building a channel marketing infrastructure with agencies establishing assets and campaigns. But most of the time, it is disheartening for big organizations to the fact that many partners end up going to market with advertising that is not brand compliant. That is why it is extremely significant to bring technology into play. This will integrate digital asset manager (DAM) with an integrated ad builder that uses dynamic templates and will ensure that the spending on channel marketing is focused on taking the message you want in each local market. This will also do away with burning huge sum as agency fees.

Collaboration with Partners:
Partners are often skeptical about spending on ads at the local front. There have been several instances when partners pushes a substantial amount on a localized ad for a brand and even after a long wait, found it difficult to get the money reimbursed for a portion of that ad. This deters the partners. The fact that a heavy amount invested by a partner in an ad is a petty amount for the multi-billion corporation gets it overlooked by the brand.
However, there are better ways to engage the partners. The money can be tied directly to the campaign initiative and which can be accessed by the partner through a centralized platform and avoid reason for an extensive claims and reimbursement process.

Invest in what is suitable for both
Brands may decide to bring in technology to build campaigns through which partners can customize ads and also build mechanism for instant fund deliver. But to the vendor’s surprise, partners may not know how to use the technology even when they are willing to do so. So, at first partners must be made technologically sound to avail these features. This will bring both the organization and the partners to a common understanding.

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