Madurai Expo Rocks; Proves Online Sales Is A Hype


Madurai, Jan 28: At a time when reseller associations across Tamil Nadu are struggling to make annual expositions memorable, the Madurai Association appears to creating some path-breaking stories in this regard, the latest being the resounding success of their latest Expo.

The Computer and Media Society (CAMS) of Madurai recently organized an expo which received good footfalls and robust sales. “It is not as though there were no challenges while organizing the event, but somehow we were able to rally around and gather 8000 to 10,000 walk-ins,” says A Muthuswamy, secretary of the organization.

A key learning for all of us at CAMS is that such Expos should be scheduled for the first week of the month, which is when buyers are faster with their decision making, Muthuswamy told Channel Times in a brief chat. “In some ways, this would be our advice to other associations organizing Expos,” he said adding that buyers often make instant decisions in such cases.

More than 70 per cent of all sales at this year’s Expo came from laptops while tablets came a close second, he said adding that in their region it was found that all talk about online sales cutting into reseller business was far from reality.

“If you ask me about our region, the partners who are in regular touch and share constant rapport with their customers, can never be at the mercy of online sales. No website can become an alternate for traditional mode of selling face-to-face,” he said while pointing out that even the educated buyer is often scared to share their personal details that these websites seek before making sales.

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