Gofrugal To Enhance Retail Experience Through Channel

Director, Partner management,, Gofrugal
Chennai based Gofrugal Technologies are vigorously exploring the market through various partner-lead activities. The company has been conducting pan-India events and has also participated in expos including one at Pune. P.N.Prasad, Director, Partner management, Gofrugal, interacts with ChannelTimes and explains the company’s roadmap. Excerpts.

CT: How are you enhancing to ease the work of a retailer?

Prasad: GoFrugal solutions helps the retailer with a full analysis of inventory movement and item, category, supplier-wise, and customer wise profitability. It helps them tweak their price management and stocking policies to optimize their investments and reduce wastage and losses due to wrong ordering.

CT: How your technology can address the problems of the retailers?

Prasad: Retailers have to scale up their present operations if they want to compete with global giants. Frauds, including vendor frauds, thefts, shoplifting and inaccuracy in supervision and administration are the challenges that are difficult to handle. Although the challenges of retail are unique, they can be addressed with the right technology that identifies the problems and offers a holistic solution. Today, retailers need a very robust IT infrastructure which includes a good software giving them good control over their operations.

CT: Point-of-sale (PoS) technologies are common today. How are you different?

Prasad: GoFrugal has always been among the first to introduce new technology based solutions and products such as RPOS, DE, HQ, TRAC, NetTrade, TruePOS and many more. For our entire range of solutions, partners can visit www.gofrugal.com. These products will help a retailer automate their operations in a store, manage central warehouse, optimize purchases, and speed up data input by electronically exchanging invoices and purchase orders with their customers and suppliers. Our solutions also help the retailer to scale up when they expand their retail chain with new outlets and new warehouses.

Retailers can create alerts on deviations in operations like bill edit, reprint, stock out, reorder trigger, payment due etc and send sms / email messages to concerned persons. They can also send alerts to their customers on offers and promotions.

CT: Is your solution just an analytic or helps control cost?

Prasad: GoFrugal retail solutions are designed in such a way that a retailer is in full control of his/her business. The control starts from purchase, landing cost, measurement, price management and reorder. This leads to simple and actionable reports to manage day to day operations smoothly, optimizing inventory to earn higher income and managing customer relationship effectively to increase revenue per customer. Retailers can tweak operations and margins to attract more customers and keep in touch with them regularly through e-mail or SMS.

CT: Please explain your channel strategy.

Prasad: India has a penetration rate of 5-6% for organized retail. This presents unlimited opportunities for growth, both for us and our channel partners. We are confident in saying that our Channel partners can benefit with higher margins when they associate with us and go to market with the right technologically proven solutions.

CT: What are the reasons partners should start entering this space?

Prasad: Today the business challenges faced by the industry that needs be addressed are:
1. Retailers are abolishing traditional way of doing business and are constantly seeking more dynamic and innovative solutions
2. Retailers have also started exploring Multi-Channel retailing for better reach to consumers and thus, looking for a single platform through which all their business can be operated
3. Retailers today want data on real-time basis to take effective decisions
4. Retailers need a solution that will cater to their accounting needs
All the above set expectations make it prerogative for any organization interested in offering retail solutions in line with such expectations, should have the capability to deliver on these. GoFrugal team has, over the years, developed robust solutions that are capable of delighting the customers, time and again. Channel partners can benefit when they join hands with GoFrugal and turn higher margins into a reality.

CT: Explain the support you provide for the partners.

Prasad: We provide them with all the pre-requisites that gear them up to start selling our solutions from day one of our association. GoFrugal Assure takes care of their customer support needs 24×7. A standby Business Analyst Team helps in providing the best solution to customer specific needs. A pre-bundled assortment of sales material gets prepared to win over customers with confidence. Highly structured sales & end-user sessions are organized from time to time to train our channel partners and keep abreast to industry trends. Above all, they get access to a dedicated Partner portal where they are provided pre and post-sales support.

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