Pulse Telesystems Launches Complete Telecom Solutions for  Homes  In ECR Area; To Explore New Avenues In Solutions Addressing The Needs Of High-End Homes

B Swaminathan

Chennai: Chennai based Pulse Telesystems, a leader in the enterprise telecom market for close to two decades in Internet service as well as Internet Telephony Service is gearing up for the changing demands and trends. The internet provider, who is also into other segments including cloud telephony, data, and voice and AI connectivity is keen on exploring select pockets of various cities where internet services are in high demand.

Hiroshan, Director -Technical Pulse Telesystems, says rather than focussing on the mass-consumption market, they have identified select-areas of high-end residences where the customer has not much of a choice for an experienced/professional service provider. “As a first-launch, we had tried East Coast Road (ECR), a locality in Chennai, a high-end corridor of the state which houses many educated and tech-savvy users. The initial response to our broadband services has been very positive since the customers are convinced that we do not only have a very robust telecom infrastructure but also have the required skill sets to meet the demands of tech-savvy homes. He also further said, along with broadband, Pulse Telesystems is providing value-added services like CCTV, Voice calling, Wi-Fi etc, with the internet to provide a  complete telecom solution.


Speaking on the latest trends in the enterprise-level, Hiroshan says, the new normal had made many organizations rethink the way they were consuming bandwidth. “We have to accept the fact that due to this situation, many organizations are have adopted the model of remote workplaces as they have found ways to work without having to be physically present in the office. However, we cannot brush aside the fact that many industries still prefer working from physical office spaces”, he said. Stating the example of the media and entertainment vertical, Hiroshan states, “They [media companies] work in a highly-secure environment.In this digital-era, a small compromise might lead to a total loss of their entire investments.”

Pulse Telesystems, to address the growing demand of remote offices or work from a home model, has already adapted to this reality by fine-tuning their Virtual Private Network(VPN) solution, so that organizations can ensure that their employees can work remotely in a secure environment and at the same time having seamless access to the organization network. To complement this service, Pulse is also making use of this opportunity by beefing up its voice solutions and reaching out across to a new clientele.

Network security:

According to Hiroshan, cybersecurity awareness has increased in recent days. “Security is vital these days and part of the work environment. We see organizations do not consider it as an additional expense, but a part-and-parcel of their regular investment.” “We are noticing security is discussed at the ground-level and security will be a basic element while selecting any internet providers”.

He goes on to add that moving forward, there could be a trend where small-sized companies/startups, may not find it viable to operate out of a  physical office of their own, so this will lead them to start functioning out of co-working spaces.

Plans ahead:

Pulse Telesystems is bullish on the new broadband avenues. “Despite our rates being slightly higher, the response which we had received from the customers in the ECR market is great. We will be coming up with new areas, where customers have limited choice for a quality service provider, thereby leading to good demand in the broadband segment for consumers. On the enterprise segment, we are keen on increasing the depth of penetration in a phased manner while voice services will be one area where we will be looking at a pan-India reach out”, he concluded.


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