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Changing Trends In Customer Engagement


By Sandeep Rattan Bhatt, National Sales Head, C-Zentrix

All businesses are getting dynamic and they have to keep pace with the changing technology both for the execution of their routine business operations and the customer engagements as well. This change has been propelled primarily by the ‘mobile-explosion’ and the rate of technology adoption. The segment of customer engagement is changing at rapid pace given the integration of Social Media and other IOT devices.

This essentially means that business cannot ignore consumerization and will need to adapt to these changing trends faster than before. The expectation of the customers both in B2B and retail space has evolved in such a manner that only structured solution will help is addressing the expectation in the right manner. These ‘structured’ solutions will essentially have highly sector specific expertise merged with CTI. Having forecasted this challenge, Organizations like SAP Hybris, Avaya, Sonata and C-Zentrix are addressing this with their Omni Channel solutions offering.

In the B2B domain that is dominated by the few sectors, the Banking and Finance will focus on key account management and organizational design oriented solutions. The Manufacturing will focus on acquisition, reflecting the impact of globalization and how these decisions can be ‘experimented’ with their customers. The Insurance sector will show a distinct profile of priorities towards people, brand and negotiating indicating the way the sector is dominated by broker relationships and only a ‘structured Omni-Channel’ solution can address this complex need.

The crux of this trend can be a simple rule that the customers in the B2B space will now be looking for a more ‘personalized’ service that is independent of the people in the organization. The retails on the consumer domain is a slightly bigger challenge given its scale. The new age customer engagement solutions will be an integrated solutions of CRM with CTI enabled interface.

The four major trend that have and will continue to disruptive trends in the customer engagement will be led by
• The mobile Explosion
• Democratization of Data
• Maturing Social networks
• Emergence of the cloud

The new rules of the customer engagement will be led by the following
• Understand and walk with the customer in their path to purchase
• Ensure relevance please
• Knowing your high value customer
• Treat employees and partners as you would customers

The customer engagement solution of 2020, will have a 360 degree of the customer which essentially means that the solution covers all possible modes of communication like email, SMS, voice/video call, Social Media, App based and other OIT based devices that would be integrated with the customers personal devices.

Businesses are witnessing a sea-change in the way they engage with both the internal and the external stakeholders. Embracing this continuous evolving shift in engagement rules can be challenging but also offers enormous opportunity for business to grow rapidly and become more agile. But taking the path to digital transformation is an intense exercise that needs a wide range of capabilities spanning consulting and execution competencies across mobile (CTI & App domain), Analytics and multi-channel communications unification technologies.

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