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Distributors’ Plans to Aid the Channel Partners

Plans to Aid

When several vendors are putting efforts in exploring parallel marketing platforms beside the traditional IT channel, it is noteworthy that some IT distribution companies are still searching innovative ways to improve the channel of communication with their partners.

In this second quarter of FY 2008-09, Compuage has released its market newsletter – ‘Pricepoint’, which targets exclusively its channel partners. According to the company, it is intended to keep the partners informed of the latest cutting edge technology available, the biggest deals in the market, latest schemes and the most awaited launches.

Also, a communique from the company points out that ‘Pricepoint’ is aimed at bringing all IT brands a step closer to the market and its various related elements. The company informs that the whole initiative has not only enabled the various channel partners of Compuage to take full advantage of current schemes, but also has helped them plan their purchases in a more cost effective manner.

Undoubtedly, such initiatives by the distributors are of great use to their channel partners. One such communication channel, containing all the details of the distributor’s short-term business plans, new product offerings and other business skill enhancement contents, not only prepare the partners for the ever-changing market scenario, but also helps in boosting up their morale and brand loyalty.

Compuage has also launched ‘’ – a direct link to the CMD, through which the channel partners can directly get in touch with the CMD, and share their views, opinions, success stories and grievances.

This is also an exemplary step to encourage the channel partners, especially the small partners. Very often the small resellers’ grievances fall on the deaf ears of the distributors and vendors. Hopefully, such a direct linking arrangement with the CMD will secure their interests.

However, everything depends on the sincerity of the implementer. Unfortunately in our country, lots of efforts are taken up at one point of time, but those fail to maintain consistency later. For any distributor, who once declares such initiatives, it is very important to keep them alive.

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