Navigating India’s Cybersecurity Frontier: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities in 2024

Channeltimes has engaged in an exclusive interview with Zakir Hussain, CEO of BD Software


  1. What is the changing perspective for Indian Markets in the cybersecurity space and what updates will be available in 2024, according to you?

In 2024, the cybersecurity landscape in India continues to evolve rapidly, driven by increasing digitization and cyber threats. The perspective is shifting towards a more proactive approach, with organizations prioritizing robust cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive data and critical infrastructure. There’s a growing emphasis on threat intelligence, AI-driven security solutions, and compliance with stringent regulations. Additionally, with the rise of remote work and IoT adoption, cybersecurity frameworks are adapting to address emerging challenges. Collaboration between public and private sectors, along with investments in cybersecurity talent and technology, are key trends shaping India’s cybersecurity posture in 2024.


  1. As a prominent player in IT security distribution, what challenges and opportunities do you see in Indian markets?

As a prominent player in IT security, navigating the Indian market presents challenges and opportunities. Challenges include addressing rapidly evolving cyber threats, compliance with diverse regulatory frameworks, and bridging the cybersecurity skills gap. However, these challenges also create opportunities for innovation, such as developing tailored solutions for specific industry verticals, leveraging emerging technologies like AI and blockchain for enhanced security, and expanding cybersecurity awareness and education initiatives. Furthermore, the growing demand for cloud security, IoT security, and managed security services presents avenues for market growth and differentiation in India’s dynamic cybersecurity landscape.


  1. What are BD Soft’s upcoming partnerships in the pipeline? Please tell us about BD Soft’s core products and services.

We continuously ally with leading cybersecurity companies to enhance threat detection, response capabilities, and infrastructure protection. BD Software Distribution Pvt. Ltd. has been the Exclusive Country Partner since 2016 for one of the top brands in cybersecurity industry worldwide, Bitdefender. BD Software distribution portfolio Includes Safetica (DLP solutions), CoSosys – End Point Protector (DLP solutions), Zecurion (DLP solutions), ePrompto (Single Console for Managing devices, Improving Performance & Installing Security Patches) Send- Quick (An alert Management system with 2 Factor Authentication), 42 Gears (Mobile Device Management), GoldPhish (Phishing Simulator), Zaperon – (Zero Trust Network Access with Passwordless Authentication), VMRay (Advanced malware &phishing analysis sandbox), XDECE ( Data Classification), DocShifter (Document Conversion Software for Enterprise), Abbyy (OCR & Documentation), Foxit (PDF Software & Tools) and many more.


  1. Shed some light on the cybersecurity aspect of the telecom bill presented by the government in 2023.

In 2023, the telecom bill presented by the government likely addressed critical cybersecurity aspects to fortify the telecommunications sector against escalating cyber threats. This legislation mandated stringent cybersecurity standards for telecom infrastructure, including network equipment and data transmission protocols, to safeguard against cyberattacks and data breaches. Additionally, the bill may have outlined requirements for telecom companies to implement robust cybersecurity measures, such as encryption protocols, threat monitoring systems, and incident response plans. By prioritizing cybersecurity in the telecom sector, the government aims to enhance national security, protect consumer privacy, and bolster trust in digital communications infrastructure.


  1. BD Soft’s success in the expansion of Channel partners in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

With a strategic vision for growth in the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana regions, BD Soft is targeting the enlistment of more than 600 Channel Partners. This strategic move is designed to fortify the company’s presence in South India, with a specific focus on expanding within the flourishing small enterprise sector of Telangana and AP. Recognizing the burgeoning potential of these regions, BD Soft’s expansion initiative aligns with its commitment to provide comprehensive IT solutions and support to businesses. By forging strong partnerships, we aim to leverage local expertise and networks to deliver robust cybersecurity solutions that meet the unique needs of SMEs and MSMEs in the region.

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