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Grownet is here to provide A to Z solutions for all problems of plastic industry

The tides of time are shifting, and so are the demands of the world. Change can be difficult to tackle, but Grownet has been working at an exponential rate to meet the demands of the ever-growing polymer industry. There have been several challenges that the plastics industry has been facing, and to bridge the gap, Grownet is an all-encompassing platform that proves to be the one-stop solution for all the issues that a polymer producer or an industrialist might face.

There are various challenges which polymer industry is facing today starting from arrangement of funds, finding best machinery ,real time price and sourcing information of raw material and selection of best suited manpower. The polymer industry which was already challenged by slow demand is now fueled by higher polymer prices and to be more concerned these practices has been now regular.

The plastic industry is one of the largest contributors of GDP and also employers of the workforce in India. However, because of the non-synchronization between the various resources of Money ,Machine , Materials and Manpower, industry is facing huge losses. Industry operators faces huge problem in finding funds at low rate of interest , generate business for the spare capacity , buy/sell machines ,compare price and technical data of various polymer materials ,get updated location wise manufacturer prices information of various polymer grades , access to  direct contacts of marketing team of polymer producers and arranging best suited manpower for their organization.

 Therefore ,Finding the best resources is the most challenging task these days for any industry. With so much competition around the world, it becomes important for the industry to have the best resources of Money-Machine-Material-Manpower in order to compete in Global Market.

Grownet, the name itself says it all. A multipurpose application for the polymer industry where one can find the best resources for their businesses. It’s a one stop solution for polymer industries, where you can quickly find MONEY ,MACHINE,MATERIALS AND MANPOWER.

The application is divided into three phases for it to run harmoniously. The phases are Connect, Trade and Educate.

The company aims to help Polymer manufacturers increase their turnover along with profit by best utilization of resources and zero spare capacity to achieve economies of scale. The application is available for both Android and IOS.

Our aim is EMPOWER POLYMER INDUSRTY with best resource utilisation.

Dhanish Goyal, founder, and CEO of Grownet said, “For years, I have witnessed how the issues in the polymer industry have reduced  the growth of the people I have grown up with. This industry has given us everything but we have failed to do anything for its upliftment and empowerment. This has motivated me to make one app that solves all the problems of the polymer industry that touches millions of lives daily. I look forward to helping as many people with this innovation, and making this industry streamlined and organized.”

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