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Netpoleon Announces Strategic Partnership with BigID in India as Exclusive VAD

-Press Release

Bangalore – Netpoleon, India’s leading value-added distributor of IT, IoT, and Network security solutions in India, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with BigID, a global leader in data security. Netpoleon has been appointed as BigID as exclusive Value-Added Distributor in India, solidifying its commitment to delivering innovative data protection and privacy solutions to businesses across the country.


BigID is a trusted name globally, offering cutting-edge data protection and privacy solutions designed to help organizations manage and secure their sensitive data. With the increasing importance of data privacy regulations and the need for
companies to safeguard their data assets, this partnership will provide businesses in India with world-class tools to protect their critical information.

Key benefits of this partnership include:

Comprehensive Data Protection Solutions: Netpoleon, in collaboration with BigID, will provide organizations in India with comprehensive data protection solutions, offering capabilities such as data discovery, classification, and data lineage, enabling businesses to gain better insights into their data and meet compliance requirements

Compliance with Data Privacy Regulations: As data privacy regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, and India’s Data Protection Bill become increasingly stringent, businesses need robust tools to ensure compliance. BigID’s solutions, distributed by  Netpoleon, will help organizations navigate these complex regulations effortlessly.

Enhanced Cybersecurity Posture: With data breaches and cyber threats on the rise, it is crucial for businesses to strengthen their cybersecurity posture. Netpoleon’s partnership with BigID will provide access to innovative data protection technologies that can help organizations identify vulnerabilities and reduce the risk of data breaches.

Expert Guidance and Support: Netpoleon, with its extensive experience in cybersecurity, will offer technical expertise, support, and training to help organizations effectively deploy and manage BigID’s solutions. “Data privacy and protection is a must in today’s digital landscape, and Netpoleon is committed to helping businesses in India safeguard their critical information”; said Mr. Mohan Kumar, Director at Netpoleon (India). “Our partnership with BigID, a renowned global leader in data security, will enable us to offer cutting-edge solutions that empower enterprises to manage and protect their data, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations and enhancing their overall cybersecurity posture.”

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