Netfox Launches ‘Tally-On-WAN’

-Ayshwaria Lakshmi

Coimbatore: Netfox, a Coimbatore-based networking company has recently launched ‘TALLY-ON-WAN’, a new hardware technology for using multi-user Tally for work-from-home. This new technology allows accounting to be done from the comforts of the house.

The activities in most industries, other than IT sector, had to pause their work as the entire nation went under lockdown. With the extension of lockdown, it resulted in a long halt of work. Netfox conducted a market survey and found there can be some set of skilled workers from all industries who can work from home. This happened to be the accountant who is PC-dependent. In India, most of the companies use Tally as their accounting software.

“This led us to provide for Tally solution for work from home,” said Mr. Suresh Gandhi, Co-Founder, and Director of Ecaps Computers India, the company that owns Netfox brand.

This hardware technology can be at the main office, and those working can access Tally and other data from a remote location. WFH3100, name of the technology, provides for the access of the data in a highly secure manner. It also provides for the speed, as working with Tally speed is very vital.

“We have not compromised on the security and this product gives the highest priority to the tally packets than the other packets, thus providing for the speed,” said Suresh. ‘WFH3100’ is easy to use for those who use a multi-user Tally. To use this product, an accountant from the remote location needs software installed on their laptops or desktops. This software can be remotely installed. Thus, providing for safety during this COVID period. Since the launch, various online demonstrations were done for the clients, out of which the turnover ratio is 60 – 65 percent. The only challenge the company has been facing is the delay in transportation and imports of the hardware materials.

Netfox came into the industry 12-13 years back with their own Firewall, under the Make-in-India project. “Our Firewall gives tough competition to the multi-national firewall with its attractive features and price,” said Gandhi.

The company also provides an entire end to end range of structured cabling solutions for enterprises and small/medium business. Their basket of offerings includes Firewall/UTM and Hotspot, Server / Networking racks, switches, ADSL modem/routers, LAN extenders, Media convertor, SFP, Copper and Fiber cabling, and installation tools.

“Our motive has always been to develop IT and cybersecurity product for the Indian market and its needs”, he concluded

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