Spectrum7 Technologies Bags ‘Regional Partner Award’ From UI Path

-Ayshwaria Lakshmi 

Spectrum7 Technologies, the Chennai-based Automation company, has recently received the India Regional Partner of the year – South at the UiPath Partner Excellence Award 2020 for India & South Asia. The partnership with UI Path reaffirms their expertise and capabilities in this line of business.

Sidharth Subramani

Automation has facilitated the rise of revolutionary business models that are more resilient and change compatible. It has given rise to approaches that are data-driven, touchless, or touch-free and offer complete contact-less solutions without compromising on the precision and efficiency involved in implementing processes. Paving way for the companies to make significant investments in automation and reduce human dependency and related costs to scale up the value chain.

According to a recent research, there will be a 30% increase in using Robotic Process Automation by 2023 for front-office functions, including sales and customer experience. With evolutions emerging from the industry, companies are changing business models to accommodate them. One such initiative is automation business processes instigated by businesses to address customer requirements.

“This award is a testament to our commitment to the global automation industry and our endeavour in providing world-class automation solutions to our customers by optimizing their operations and driving productivity,” said Sidharth Subramani, Managing Director, Spectrum7 Technologies.

He further added this award reflects the company’s commitment to offering NexGen solutions to customers by automating key processes and transforming businesses to the next level. The pandemic has crippled the mobility of businesses globally. It has also challenged the enormous companies regarding business continuity.

“Automation’s intervention in various key projects has allowed companies to witness uninterrupted work with minimum human intervention and support. This has made a seamless workflow possible. Spectrum7 expediently makes an ingress at this juncture and help business automate processes to the best of their advantage,” said Sidharth.

Though the pandemic paved the way for a new business to the company, the response time to its customers was delayed in the initial phase of the lockdown. With people adapting to remote working, it took a while for Spectrum7 to harness business operations and bounce back with renewed resilience. “In less than a month, a key – transition team was formed to revitalize business practices and secured efficacy in customer engagements in a time-efficient manner. These streamlining initiatives helped bring better focus on business requirements. When the industry by large was opting for lay-offs and retrenchments, we went about hiring new resources,” said Sidharth.

Companies around the world are looking to automate some of their key business processes ranging from time-consuming HR process to a complex supply chain process, preference to ‘faceless selling’. Businesses now can shift their focus on quality engagements than on mundane jobs that are highly time-consuming and involve high human-costs.

Moving forward, Spectrum7 plans to move into markets where human capital is deemed to be expensive. “Our major game plan is ‘Automation” our objective is to offset extensive manual work by digitally offshoring them,” Sidharth concluded.

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