Huawei Sets Up Largest Global Service Center In Bengaluru

Huawei, the Chinese telecom gear maker, unveiled its largest global service center (GSC) in India with an initial investment of INR136 crore for their ‘Make in India’ vision .

Manoj Sinha, Minister of State (I/C) for Communications and Railways said, “I would like to congratulate Huawei on their commitment to pursue their ‘Make in India’ vision. The ICT landscape in India is growing every day and such initiatives by technology majors like Huawei will accelerate the growth of the ICT industry in India. Huawei’s Global Service Center at Bangalore, will be one of their four GSCs globally.”

The company reveals that the Bangalore facility will handle the highest number of GSC projects compared to its other three GSCs in China, Romania and Mexico.

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“The India GSC will handle more than 50 projects, supporting over 30 countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, serving over 350 million subscribers,” Huawei India CEO Jay Chen said in a press statement.

Huawei has hired over 1,000 engineers, network operations specialists and support staff for this facility. The new GSC will support operators digital transformation and help meet market demand for synergies between services and technology, as well as improve operations capabilities.

“It is largest GSC in terms of number of projects that it will handle and it will be operational round the clock,” said Chen.

“This center demonstrates how India with its vast technologically skilled manpower can help address the requirements of the global market. This center also adds value to the Indian Information Communication & Technology (ICT) industry and helps strengthen the industry eco-system in India,” Sinha added.

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“India has always been a priority market for us and we have been investing here right from 1999 when we opened our R&D center in Bengaluru – the first one outside China. The inauguration of this center, our largest GSC, further reaffirms our commitment to India. The new GSC supports the ‘Make in India’ vision by harnessing local talent, coupled with the infusion of hi-tech R&D expertise and knowledge into the country, to play a pivotal role in creating a collaborative framework that will help our customers reach the next level of business performance,” said Jay Chen, CEO, Huawei India.

“We at Huawei believe in the potential of the talent present here in Bengaluru and the positive momentum created by the Government in India. These elements combined with our global expertise enable us to serve customers globally. I am happy that our new GSC facility in Bengaluru will play a key role in helping us realize our vision to be India’s preferred telecom partner and at the same time allow our employees to seize global opportunities,” added William Zhao, CEO of Huawei India R&D Center.

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