Huntkey Ties Up With Savera Marketing For National Distribution

National Distribution

Mumbai, July 1: Savera Marketing, one of the leading IT distributors in India, has been appointed as national distributor by Huntkey, an internationally admired brand as professional provider of specialized development, design, manufacturing and marketing of power supplies.

Huntkey offers a wide range of products, power supplies, computers, household appliance, communication and consumer electronic devices, LED, management software and so on.

Savera Marketing with its vast distributor network will cater to various markets like IT, Consumer Electronics and Car Accessories markets across the country. Savera is focusing on B and C class cities to explore the unexplored markets like car accessories, which is more popular and hot market nowadays.

Francisco Overseas – Channel Dept. at Huntkey said, “Huntkey, a brand founded in 1995, is a professional provider specialized in development, design, manufacturing and marketing of power supplies, chassis, adaptors, power strips, chargers, etc. Now Huntkey gets alliance with Savera Marketing Agency for the purpose of providing the best products with professional techniques and perfect service to Indian customers and users”.

Huntkey will be organizing promotional events which will increase the awareness in retailers and dealers about the products which help them to increase sales and to motivate retailers and dealers. Savera is also providing incentive schemes to their channel partners for the mutual promotion and motivation.

Gopal Pansari, Managing Director at Savera said, “With HuntKey product line up we will be able to intensify augmenting product for modern retail setting, foot print in unexplored markets like car accessories, CE channel.”

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