India, US Join Hands To Intensify Cooperation On Cyber Security

India and the US have stressed on cooperation on cyber issues, including to promote closer cooperation between their law enforcement agencies to combat cybercrime. The countries also decided to share information on a real time on malicious cyber-security threats and establish appropriate mechanisms to improve such information sharing.

A fact sheet on the framework for the US-India Cyber Relationship, issued during the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Washington on Tuesday, says that cooperation on cyber issues is a key component of the bilateral relationship between India and the US.

Both sides recognize the value of enhancing and further institutionalizing their broad-based cooperation on cyber issues, and in that respect, intend to complete a framework based on the following shared principles and intended forms of cooperation.

With increasing cyber attacks on the establishment, India is on the radar of cyber criminals. The country witnessed number of cyber attacks on government establishment and private entities. The country tops in ransomware attacks in the Asia region and contemplating to build a robust security mechanism to combat cyber criminals. Therefore, this strategic partnership is seen as a crucial step towards international collaboration on the cyber security.

Some of the key elements of a fact sheet on the framework for the US-India Cyber Relationship include:

Developing joint mechanisms for practical cooperation to mitigate cyber threats to the security of ICT infrastructure.

Promoting cooperation in the fields of cyber-security-related research and development, cyber-security standards and security testing.

Elaborating and implementing practical measures that contribute to the security of ICT infrastructure on a voluntary and mutual basis.

Continuing to promote cooperation between law enforcement agencies to combat cyber-crime including through training workshops, enhancing dialogue and processes and procedures.

Undertaking skill development and capacity building programs jointly in the fields of cyber-security

Promoting the applicability of international law to state conduct in cyberspace and further exploring how it applies to state conduct in cyberspace.

Promoting voluntary norms of responsible state behavior in peacetime, including the norms identified by the UN Group of Governmental Experts in the Field of Information and Telecommunications in the Context of International Security.

The complete Framework for the US-India Cyber Relationship, is expected to be signed within 60 days.

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