Infoblox Gears Up for Cyber Defense with TAP Program

Cyber Defense

Bengaluru: US based network intelligence provider, Infoblox, with operations in India has announced its Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program, which creates an ecosystem of partnerships to optimize network automation and offer better defense against cyber threats.

The ecosystem approach helps enable integration with other cloud, network, and security solution partners for frictionless interoperability with Infoblox software to provide actionable insights that mutually benefit partners and customers.

The TAP program participants tie together disparate systems, increasing the value their respective customers get from their investments in network infrastructure and security.

“Today’s networks are becoming increasingly complex and use diverse deployment architectures including physical, virtual, and cloud,” said Kanaiya Vasani, Vice President of Corporate and Business Development, Infoblox.

“At the same time, cybercriminals exploit network infrastructure, especially DNS, to spread malware and exfiltrate data. With the TAP Program, we’re building an ecosystem to provide the insight, control, and security that customers need to optimize and protect their networks.”

More than 30 technology partners have already signed up for the program and are participating in joint efforts with Infoblox.

“Working with Infoblox has enabled us to connect threat intelligence from Cb Response with DNS Firewall data in new and innovative ways that add value to customers in order to detect threats faster and resolve them quickly,” said Tom Barsi, senior vice president of business development at Carbon Black.

“Infoblox’s Technology Alliance Program enables any organization to develop open, interoperable solutions leveraging Infoblox technology.”

Technology partners capitalize on Infoblox-provided APIs to seamlessly integrate their networks and security solutions with Infoblox’s Actionable Network Intelligence, enabling joint customers to automate workflows and increase protection against evolving threats. A recent example of ecosystem integrations is the one between Infoblox and Carbon Black to integrate threat intelligence information for rapid response and protection.

In a related news, Infoblox announced an expanded technology partnership with Qualys to provide enterprises with powerful network visibility to better safeguard organizations from infections, automate asset management, remediate threats faster, and ease compliance and auditing.

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