Data Gravity Pulls Cloud Channel Partners


Bangalore: With all the data pouring into the cloud, it makes the cloud ‘weighty’ according to some industry experts who believe that the data gravity will in turn pull the channel. Dave McCrory first proposed the idea of data gravityfew years back. This data gravity has revamped the cause for migrating to the cloud and is also starting to change as cloud computing environments achieve new paradigm.

According to Forrester Analyst, Dave Bartoletti, some of the biggest cloud service providers and corporate experts, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, formed a majority of the $87 billion market in 2015, for cloud services. This figure will go up to $146 billion, where some of these players will be a playing a majority role in the series of cloud services, to provide to the world market. Considering this, there will perhaps also be some more localized players, who can cater to a more localized demand, but by and large, the biggest players in the market will occupy a majority of the market, believe experts.

Changing face of channel with cloud

Cloud is transforming several dimensions in organizations and has always been a great news for partners who are positioned to get their clients to this platform.

The rapid adoption of cloud brings multifold capabilities to be ushered in businesses of any scale. As cloud platforms and services mature, the market for them will be growing and rapidly evolving.

Initially the channel was simple to comprehend with VARs selling primarily hardware at a profitable margin; Systems Integrators combined hardware with processes and good many solution providers synthesized few products and solutions for the customer. But with the arrival of cloud computing in the nineties this structure was tarnished.

Today, data has become imperative for almost every business. Companies process, collect and use large volumes of data. Businesses need data to access efficient methods and means to run efficiently and buys and use cloud computing resources with ease. Thus, it has become imperative for the channel to restructure to gain from this phenomenon.

There is a confluence of channel partners seeking a way to the cloud to accomplish success and end consumers culling the traditional path to lead their own journey to a digital business.

The cloud fundamentally changed the way channel partners operated in the market. This shift brought in more traction in the buying and usage of software. As cloud computing continues to evolve, it is inevitable that customers within a vertical industry will look forward for creating a cloud ecosystem on their own, and that will generate greater cloud momentum for the solution providers.

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