Microsoft Partners Gear Up To Help Indian Manufacturers

Partners Gear Up

Mumbai: Microsoft has showcased three marquee IoT solutions aimed at digitally transforming the Indian manufacturing industry. Powered by Azure, the Microsoft cloud, the three solutions offered by Precimetrix, Teramatrix and Covacsis are helping create digital, intelligent and predictive factories. The company intends to leverage its large ecosystem of partners to help organizations complete their digital transformation journey seamlessly.

The Microsoft Cloud not only offers reliability and scalability but also offers advanced cloud services like IoT Suite, Cortana Intelligence Suite which in turn enables these partners to keep pace with the demands of the fourth industrial revolution. Rapidly changing customer preferences, hardware evolutions and managing hyper business growth are a few of the challenges Microsoft partners are addressing in the manufacturing space with the Azure, Microsoft’s cloud.

“Microsoft along with its partners is helping manufacturing industries gain insights and make better decisions. We are excited to provide the Digital transformation platform for our partners to innovate and build on our Hyper Secure and Hyper Scalable cloud,” said Narendra Bhandari, General Manager of Developer Experience and Evangelism at Microsoft.

According to the company, the Precimetrix, Teramatrix and Covacsis solutions have been deployed in leading organizations like Hero Moto Corp, Samudra LED, KEC, VE Commercial Vehicles, Godrej, TAFE and Bajaj among others.

This pillar of digital transformation helps build tailored customer experiences by harnessing data and draw actionable insights to achieve a segment of one. Covacsis offers a state-of-the-art platform that provides a 360 degree visibility of the manufacturing floor in real time. Real time visibility is helping the KEC team analyze run time, cycle time, availability and OEE of the machines in real time, allowing them to optimize the productivity output and minimize operational costs, the company said in a statement.

Another key pillar for digital transformation is the ability to empower employees, providing tools and processes for greater collaboration, mobility and insight. Microsoft works with a lot of its partners to offer solutions that help organizations achieve more by designing a workplace that’s intelligent, flexible, and secure. Some of these offerings are provided by partners like ZingHR, Vymo, Qustn, Knolskape, Symphony Summitt among others.

While customer engagement and employee empowerment are two visible pillars of digital transformation, the digital economy is having an equally transformative impact on how organizations approach operations. Precimetrix offers IoT and analytics to enable real-time process management and actionable analytics to improve productivity, efficiency and compliance. Samudra’s central monitoring system, powered by Precimetrix, provides smart street lighting system for JPC which has enabled the following benefits:

The final pillar of digital transformation, will help organizations differentiate and capture emerging opportunities by using data as a strategic asset and shifting from hindsight to foresight. Teramatrix offers an IoT software platform that enables companies to connect with their fixed or mobile infrastructure and analyze the massive data streams emanating from them. The deployment of their solution at Hero Moto Corp resulted in 20 percent expected increase in direct and indirect manpower productivity by enabling 24×7 continuity of testing operations and remote management of testing equipments.

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