Oracle Empowers Channel With Digital Data Offering

Digital Data

Oracle has announced the launch of the first digital data offering designed to help B2B channel marketers connect with indirect sellers, value-added resellers, and distributors. The new Oracle Data Cloud digital channel solution, announced at the Oracle OpenWorld in San Fransisco enables tech companies and other channel marketers to personalize their communications about programs, investments, and incentives for thousands of channel partners, increasing partner engagement and effectiveness.

“To date, channel marketing has been underserved by the digital marketing industry,” said Niraj Deo, vice president of products, Oracle Data Cloud. “Despite their analog success, channel marketers have lacked the data they need to efficiently reach potential partners and resellers at scale in the digital medium. Through this solution, Oracle Data Cloud gives channel marketers robust data-driven capabilities to achieve their marketing goals. It also enables a modern programmatic data sharing capability, so channel marketers can make the most of partner incentives and investments.”

While channel marketers make significant investments in channel incentives and other marketing strategies, very little of that investment has been data driven and digital. The new Oracle Data Cloud channel marketing solution enables efficient and automated data sharing with large numbers of channel partners, thus improving downstream critical workflows, such as re-targeting and pipeline acceleration.

“Channel programs by definition will be distributed, regional and will involve thousands of channel partners,” said Jennifer Schulze, senior director, Product Marketing, GE Digital. “Most manufacturers might not have tailored data-driven marketing programs to address channel programs in an effective and efficient manner. Being able to reach partners digitally, in a targeted way, brings significant agility and efficiency to a manufacturer’s channel programs. Additionally, by being data driven, a manufacturer can now share data programmatically with and across partners, while remaining compliant and using modern marketing solutions for their channel led businesses.”

As part of its new digital channel solution, Oracle Data Cloud announced a partnership with Zyme, a leader in channel data management, to integrate its exclusive directory of global channel partners, resellers, and dealers. The Zyme directory is enriched with proprietary research that provides a strong data-driven foundation for cChannel mMarketing leaders to execute digital channel marketing programs.

“Zyme’s comprehensive and exclusive Channel Data Management and analytics capabilities now have a very large application in the form of Digital Marketing,” said Chandran Sankaran, CEO of Zyme. “We are very excited to work with Oracle Data Cloud to bring these unique data-driven solutions to customers. By leveraging Zyme’s leading channel solutions, our customers will be able to unlock efficiencies in otherwise disconnected workflows and enable data sharing using modern online marketing techniques.”

Among the planned capabilities of Oracle Data Cloud’s digital channel solution, it leverages the scale and depth of the industry’s largest B2B and B2C audience data marketplace and enables Account Based Marketing in both digital programmatic and social activation channels.

The new solution offers coverage across 25,000 large tier-one channel companies through Oracle’s account-based marketing (ABM) solution, with future coverage expected to expand to more than one million channel companies worldwide and allows channel marketers to reach distributors by name, identify channel-specific media consumers, and build custom lists of specific-channel companies using channel-specific pre-built and custom audience capabilities.

“Sixty-five percent of B2B organizations include indirect channels and partners in their go-to-market strategy, yet the digital and account-based marketing strategies of those organizations often do not account for this reality,” said Maria Chien, service director of Channel Marketing Strategies at SiriusDecisions.

“Effective partner communications require a continuous, conscious effort to increase partner engagement through thoughtful timing, delivery, and messaging. Suppliers should add a method of segmentation to their programs that allows them to identify and concentrate their resources, money, time and effort on marketing both to and through partners with the potential to grow revenue and value”

Made possible by its data marketplace and platform capabilities, the Oracle Data Cloud digital channel solution gives leading technology, insurance, food manufacturing, and travel companies the account-based marketing (ABM) data they need to reach thousands of potential partners, resellers, and distributors.

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