Pratheesh Mathew Elected President Of Tirupur IT Association

Elected President Of Tirupur IT Association

Chennai: Tirupur: Pratheesh Mathew has been elected the new president of Tirupur Information Technology Association (TITA) for the fiscal 2017-18. The forum has recently conducted the general elections and the new team has sworn in.

Arumuham. M, the present Secretary will continue to serve the association in the same capacity. The other office bearers include Prem Kumar S (Treasurer), Siva Kumar R (VP), Balakumar (Joint-Secretary).

“Tirupur IT Association is one of the biggest association in Tamil Nadu and we were engaged lot of regular activities whereas member get together, social welfare and business motivation. Apart from this I am planning to invent the legal support for the members in case of bad debts and they are losing much money now a days with the help of one internal arbitration team,” said Pratheesh Mathew.

Apart from this the association has a plan to invent many business inventions to members to capitalize in solution business.

On the key challenges, he said the threat of online is no relevant anymore. However, the reducing margins are becoming key concern for the members. “Our association has three type of partners- typical retailers, service providers and software developers/web-developers/ product-companies. We will try our level best in a way our activities make relevance for all the members and not just one segment.”

The local association said, it will conduct their general body meet post Confed-ITA summit, slated to happen this week (Click here to read the news). The new members will assume office along with the association’s General Body meeting in the second half of April.

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